Love. Hangover. (Damn you, Marley.)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Looking at my blog so far, there seems to be a singular theme: Love. Let's be honest, this has got to stop. Not entirely, of course, but to a certain degree. I have a friend (you know who you are, Cameron) who says he won’t read my blog if I don’t (and I’m paraphrasing here) take it down a notch. Before I put myself on a love writing diet, however, I must post an ode to Marley and what that damned dog taught me at the movie theater.

I recently dragged my sister out of the house to see the movie Marley and Me. While I love labs (seriously, who doesn't?), I’m not an all out dog person. I’m more of a “Hey, dog. How are you today? You look nice. It was great meeting you.” kinda gal. However, anyone who knows me knows that I am a Jennifer Aniston person. I can’t help it, she makes me happy.

The movie was good, not particularly great, but has struck a nerve with me and has been hard to forget. I will admit that I flat out sobbed, or as Oprah would say "ugly cried", for at least the last third of the movie. When it was over, my sister said that she heard someone bawling near us during the film and I had to tell her, “Um, that was me.” Since then, I’ve asked myself what it was about this movie that resonated with me so strongly. Whatever the reason for my reaction, that naughty yet lovable dog has left me thinking about life and death and, yes, love.

My frequent blogging on love is likely a product of the holidays and all those cookies. This love-fest of late is pretty uncharacteristic for me. It might be that there is an abundance of love in my life right now and for that, I know how very lucky I am. You see, I have always had a painfully acute understanding that love, like all things, ebbs and flows. Sometimes there's more and sometimes there's less. I am trying to learn to relish the times when you have more than you could ever hope for because they tend to balance out the darker times life inevitably hands us. I suppose this is the beauty and the heartbreak of being human.

Like anyone who has experienced great loss in their lives, I understand all too well the great gamble that is loving another. In the end, we lose the people and the animals and the things that mean the most to us. Children grow up. Relationships end. Parents die. I think about the losses in my own life: The pets, the friends, the grandparents, my dad... I believe that these losses are the hardest part of being alive, but the love… The love, somehow, makes it worth it.

(my sister and my dad)

So... To Marley, thank you. To the people of downtown Seattle who I may have inadvertently terrified due to my unprecedented (in both length and volume) movie theater crying jag, my apologies. To my dad and all the others I've lost, loving you and even losing you has made me a better and kinder and more loving human being. Last, but not least, to Cameron - I'll try to decrease my posts dedicated to love to once a week. I can't promise anything though.


  1. Did you ask that dog how its mother was? Then you will know love! I like that your feeling, and writing. I haven't been in that realm for a long time, and I don't know why. Maybe I need a lab ; ) I've never seen you write so freely, so, I'm like, who is this funny girl? Nice line breaks as well.

  2. I am so glad you are blogging & that I can so readily read what you are writing. I've always felt like you had a very real talent for writing & expressing yourself...& I like very much to read about what you are "considering" & thinking & how you feel about different topics. That gives me insight about how you feel about various things but also sometimes encourages me to think about something in a differnt way....& that, to me, is often what good writing is about!! Keep up the good writing... Your biggest fan, Mom

  3. you write so well and you're thoughts are very inspiring!i love reading all your post.


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