Happy New Year!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I had a fantastic New Year's Eve celebration in Las Vegas and rang in the new year surrounded by lots of people and lots of joy (and lots of people!).

As the first week of 2009 comes to a close, the celebratory champagne toasts wind down and I find myself questioning the weeks of cookies and holiday cocktails, I start thinking about the changes I want to make in the new year. (I prefer not to think of them as resolutions, but instead as goals to work toward throughout the year.) In an effort to wrap my head around the kind of life I want to live in 2009, I have been jotting down ideas and had hoped to blog about the "Eye of the Tiger" mentality I feel going into the new year. However, in all the happy, hopeful hub-bub (how does one spell hub-bub?), I think I may have forgotten to celebrate the crazy year that was 2008. While I am very, very excited for the endless possibilities the new year will present, I want to take just a minute to express my gratitude for this last very difficult, very lovely, surprising and historical year.

So, to 2008 - many, many thanks. To 2009 - bring it.


  1. I swear something is wrong with my computer at work, and it's not allowing all of your text to show up on my screen. I only know this, because, not once did I see my name mentioned in-betwen fragments of "Give thanks," and "2008" and stuff like that. Oh well, I'm sure it's in there somewhere. As far as the eye of the tiger, isn't that a sushi roll you like??

    I'm just playin'! I'm glad you had a rockin' New Year's and hope for the best for you in 2009. Remember though, this is my year.

    It's not a resolution, it's a revolution.