I am currently taken with...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

... this book.

"This is a story about darkness and light, about sorrow and joy, about something lost and something found.
This is a story about Love."

I am normally not big on fairy tales because of the inherently sexist messages behind many of them (unless of course they involve mermaids and then all bets are off because, let's face it, I deeply hope to someday turn into one). However, this book is absolutely beautiful. It is a retelling of the classic story, but with the most lovely illustrations and gorgeous, almost lyrical text. I ran across it while I was Christmas shopping and came back and bought one for my five year old niece and one for myself.

As a nanny and an auntie, I really like this book, but as a reader, a writer and an appreciator of all things pretty, I am in love with it.