I heart Kate Winslet.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I've been watching The Golden Globes for the last few hours while hopped up on codeine for a knee injury. I happily, and somewhat groggily, watched as the incomparable Kate Winslet won both the best supporting actress and best leading actress awards for The Reader and Revolutionary Road. I have love-love-loved her since the fantastically strange Heavenly Creatures and am one of the few people who will admit to seeing Titanic six times, yes six times, at the theater. I believe she is the best actress of this generation, but watching the awards tonight, I realized that what I love about her most is her humble and gracious authenticity amidst such superficiality. She is intelligent, articulate, fearless in her artistic choices, real and unbelievably classy. Kate Winslet is a goddess. Period.