A little Huey goes a long way.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Today is day three of taking care of all of my nephews: Max, Flynn and Jude. They also answer to Anakin, Luke and Baby Yoda. Sometimes they go by Commander Cody, C-3PO and some Jar Jar something or other. Binks? Then there's something-something Fat. I don't know. It's awfully hard to keep up. Now, I absolutely love children, but I have a firm belief that they shouldn't outnumber your hands. (Not everyone subscribes to my theory, however. Brad and Angelina? If they were believers, they would have stopped after Shiloh because, combined, they have four hands.) Today Auntie had the great idea of doing her hair like Princess Leia and while it was initially very well-received, the littlest of the three munchkins managed to flush an eraser down the toilet while I was mid-styling. I now have only one bun and heard myself saying, "I don't care if you're not talking to me, Luke Skywalker. Yoda flushed the eraser down the toilet and I'm sorry, but I can't make it come back."

In honor of both nap time and the fact that the acceptable time to start drinking is only two hours away, I would like to share my love of Huey Lewis. I have had a crush on Mr. Lewis for a mere 25 years and think that he deserves an official introduction on this blog. Huey Lewis and the News? He is the news, people.