"the littlest birds sing the prettiest songs"

Friday, February 20, 2009

Almost two weeks ago, the newest addition to my family was born, Nova Vivienne Connolly. Isn't she just the most lovely baby?

I am very, very blessed. My sister Monica married Michael who has a twin brother named Brian who is married to Yen. Got it? So, not only am I an auntie to my sister's boys, but also to Brian and Yen's three little ones. This is what I love about life. You are born into a family and that family changes form as you get older, just as the love in your heart expands and shifts into something more unexpected and more vast than you ever could have foreseen. Right when you begin to wonder if there is any more room in your heart, a new person comes into the world, into your life, maybe into your family, and into your heart and, almost magically, there's more love than there was before. Of all the things I am grateful for, and there are many, my family is at the top of that list. The fact that the people who I am related to by birth and the families these people have married into are the very people I would have hand picked if I could have, makes me one very lucky girl.

Welcome to the world, baby Nova. I've only just met you, but I love you already.

(Thanks to my dear friend, Jen Beckwith, for introducing me to the lovely lyric that is the title to this post. You and your little birds, Lila and Lucia, mean so much to me. This post is about family and friends are the family you choose. I chose you all those crazy years ago. Thank you.)