By the time you read this...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

... I'll be in Vegas.

Some of you know that I'm planning on moving to Las Vegas next month. If someone had told me a year ago this would be happening, I would never, ever have believed it in a million years, but I fell for a feller who lives there and am ready to shake things up a little. (Me, just a small town girl, moving to Las Vegas? It's crazy, I know.) More on this at a later date...

This, however, is just a trip to visit. I am very excited to be in the sun, get a little dressed up and eat these stuffed dates I'm obsessed with at
this great restaurant, but I'm mostly just excited to see the boy. So, while I'm gone, I won't be my usual commenting self, but I'll be reading all the blogs anyway. (I just love the new community of bloggers I've "met" via blogspot!)

In the meantime, my
bff sent me this cool Las Vegas design guide via Design Sponge. The Fab Miss B made this guide and I love it. Check it out. It's really cool.

I hope everyone is fantastically happy and well.

{images via Design Sponge}


  1. Have a great time...I love Vegas!!

  2. Awww I'm so jealous, i've always want to live in vegas, that'd be awesome xx

  3. hahaha I started one of my Vegas blogs the same way! love the drama!

    You're gonna have the best time with your man!

  4. oh wow! that is so awesome! i hope you and your mom have a fantastic time together. i can't wait to hear about your transition to living in Vegas when you do end up moving.

    ahhh, i am SO jealous of your vacation! i need one of those!

  5. lady love, i am so very excited for our road trip to your new home! i've always day-dreamt about driving into vegas, there's no one i'd rather do it with more than thee.

    hope you and j are having a super tiiiight time.

  6. Ohhhh Vegas..I just can't get enough! Have so much fun! xo

  7. I really wanted to go to Vegas, the city that never sleeps. I hope you have fun staying there. Cheers!

  8. :o
    las vegas!

    Whats a small town girl doing there?

  9. So excited to have you joining the ranks of Sin Citians. It's a fun wacky town, I know you'll love it.