A case of the Mondays,
... but with a plan.

Monday, April 6, 2009

It's Monday... It's even a beautiful, sunny Monday. Still, it's a Monday nevertheless. After having a week off, I am back in the swing of things. (Well, sort of. I am still very disoriented after finishing graduate school a few weeks ago. You mean, I really don't have to write another paper again? Really?! It's hard to wrap my head around that one.) Last night, out of almost nowhere, I got hit with a case of the Sunday night blues. It's so strange. It's like I'm still that high school girl who doesn't want to go to school tomorrow. When we're younger, we have to go to school, we have to do what our parents tell us, etc., etc. As we get older and we become, at long last, the writers and directors of our own lives and schedules, you would think that this Sunday night dark place would cease. I am convinced that it's a conditioned Pavlovian response.

Well, no more. I want it to end. Our lives aren't made up solely of vacations and Fridays. Our lives, mostly, consist of work days and school nights. In the truly terrible movie Rumor Has It, Kevin Costner's character says something along the lines of, "Life has to be a little nutty sometimes. Otherwise, it's just a bunch of Thursdays strung together." (Again, an awful movie. I apologise for even quoting it here, but it's a great line.) Life can feel like a bunch of Thursdays strung together. I guess that's why we have to find the joy in the little, everyday things because, in the end, it's these little things that make up our lives.

I've been thinking about the little things that make up my life on a bunch of strung together Thursdays. To be perfectly honest, I think I want to change a lot of these little things. Just this morning I was drinking my coffee and watching a repeat of The Hills and thought to myself, "These girls are so vapid. I wonder if they ever think about the suffering in the world." Of course, my next thought was, "I wish I had Lauren's hair." So, who exactly is the vapid one, now?

Seriously, though, look at her hair. So pretty.

Moving on... I guess today it just hit me. How many times an hour do I really need to refresh my facebook page? When did Perez Hilton become my daytime boyfriend? All of this has given me some things to think about. Now, don't get me wrong, I am certainly not breaking up with Perez, heaven forbid, and facebook and silly faux reality tv are guilty pleasures and I believe in pleasure, guilty or otherwise. I just want the majority of my days, Manic Mondays and strung together Thursdays, to have more intention and depth.

So, I have decided that since I am currently in a bit of a post-school, pre-change interim, I am going to focus my energy for the next six weeks on three things: getting this booty (I really mean body, but booty is more fun to say) up and moving, organizing and simplifying the stuff I have accumulated during my time in graduate school and, last but not least, love.

Moving this body. This is a simple one. I just need to get up and get out there. Believe it or not, and I tend to usually not, I really enjoy certain types of exercise if I can make myself do it. I am, without a doubt, the clumsiest gal in the world, but I love yoga and pilates. I love to swim even though I still can't go under water without plugging my nose. I love to take classes. More than any of this, I love to feel connected to my body. After I exercise, I feel like I've done something that my body would have asked for all along if it could have. That's a great feeling.

Organizational-Simplifying-Overhaul. While I will say that I have already started this, I will also say that it's about time. I love the things I love and I want to surround myself with clothes and pictures, books and art that make me feel inspired. However, I don't want to feel defined by my stuff. So, some of it's got to go.

Love. This one's easy. I just want to focus on the love that is inherently all around us. There's self love, family love, friend love, best friend love, boyfriend love. There's children love, beauty love, music love, your feet in the sand and your eyes on the ocean love. There's the love you have for people you know almost as well as you know yourself, the people who would pick you up off the floor if they needed to. There's the love you have, even for the briefest of moments, for the old lady at the grocery store who calls you "missy" with kind eyes. Love, in all its forms, is everywhere and I want to focus on that.

So there you have it, my intentional 6 week plan. We'll see how it goes... Oh, I gotta go. The premiere of The Hills is on. I wish I was kidding... Hey, I'm still a work in progress. :)

{first image via That Unreliable Girl}


  1. I really love this!
    It sounds exactly like me!
    I love reality shows (especially the hills and yes they are extremely vapid but there is something about their ignorant lives that i love), Perez Hilton is also a big part of my life and facebook is going to be in my life now and for a while.

    I love how you have a mission and your so positive about it!! Wonderful ♥

    Thank you for coming by my blog darling!!

    Ps. I LOVE yoga!!!!

  2. Lovely post dear!
    That first pic is so lovely...

    Thanks so much for your amazing comment about my collage...it made me very happy!


  3. haha i really love the picture with a heart on the end of the stick. =]
    oh! & thx for following <3 =^^=

  4. Ooh, glad I'm not the only one experiencing the Sunday Night Blues every now and then! I hate that melancholy feeling.

    I was kinda down a little while ago because I felt like I was creeping through the week just to get to the weekend. It's no way to live.

    I need to make a plan like yours! I might copy you!