If only all parents loved
each other this much...

Friday, April 3, 2009

If everyone's parents loved each other as much as mine did, the world would be a much better place.

41 years ago today, my parents got married. They met at a bar. Everyone says you can't meet your soulmate in a bar, but they did. My mom was a social worker and my dad was tattooed and troubled. He was dating a topless go-go dancer at the time, but one look at my feisty redheaded mother and that was it. They dated a year before they got married. He asked her to marry him twice and she said no. The third time, she asked him. On April 3rd 1968, they eloped.

My parents were very different from one another. My mom has always been an avid reader who loves to discuss politics, religion and ponder the big why-are-we-here? questions. My dad was charismatic, charming and loved football. He was the life of the party. Their differences complimented each other, but more than that, they made each other better.

My mother used to read to me every night, even long after I learned to read myself. My father reassured me that he could beat up the scariest and most colorful man on television, The Incredible Hulk, if he had to. For these reasons, and so many others, I am grateful to my parents. Individually and together, my parents taught me so many things, but it was their love, their quiet and unwavering love, that shaped my heart.

I miss my dad everyday. I'll forever miss the way he looked at my mother... Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad. I love you.


  1. The perfect ode, to an enormous love.

  2. Awe, sniff sniff, that was beautiful!

  3. that was the most beautiful thing ever!
    aw ur blog is lovely as well! ty for stoppin by mines <33

  4. That was really nice. I can relate to having two parents who love each other, and you just reminded me of that

  5. You touched my heart (!) from the beginning, both your dad's & mine...& again today when I read your blog...thank you my dear, dear girl. I wish for you what your dad & I had. Thank you for remembering & for loving us both so much.

  6. wow. that's amazing and so inspiring. you are SO lucky to have had this example growing up! i certainly did not, so i have to work really hard on learning some stuff i really should have already known. levi's parents had a very amazing relationship like your parents (his mom died when he was 19 though), so he's very patient with me and helps me with the things i struggle with. all the hard work is worth it though because i know my kids will be given an incredible example of what love is. i can't wait!!

  7. it seems they don't make love to last like they used to, like our parents. Mine celebrated 38 years this past january.

    "who says you can't meet your soul mate in a bar?" - I LOVE THAT! :)

  8. This is beautiful. I really hope my husband and I are that way too.

  9. this is a very sweet post for your parents.. =)