I'll miss you, Dorothy Zbornak.
(Thank you for being a friend.)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Let's just be clear, Golden Girls was revolutionary. Too strong a word? No way. A successful show about four older, sassy single gals living in Miami? Incredible. In my childhood, I always pictured living out my retirement years in over sized print blouses, with shoulder pads, in a tropical location with my best girlfriends (and I always threw in my number one gay, D). I wanted in on all the fun and all the cheesecake (!) those feisty ladies had.

Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia gave us a different take on aging. They were smart (albeit Rose was smart in her own special St. Olaf way), funny, opinionated and fashionable. They went on lots of dates, but their lives didn't revolve around finding a romantic partner. Their lives revolved around the family they created in each other and, even as a little girl, I felt like these were my ladies. (Granted, I had very short hair that my mother had permed - honestly, Mom, why? - so I actually looked a bit like a Golden Girl.)

Dorothy Zbornak, you were my favorite of my most favorite fifty-somethings. Plus, you taught me as a child to look at my mother when she was bugging me and warn, "Shady Pines, Ma. Shady Pines." That's a gift.

* I even have this shirt.


  1. lol ...this is adorable! She was amazing!

  2. Seriously, who didn't watch the Golden Girls? Right? I am so sad Dorothy is gone!

    I am going to remind my mom about Shady Pines tonight! haha

    Are you back from Vegas? Did you have the best time EVER?? I hope so!

  3. YOU HAVE THAT SHIRT?! Can I have it? haha

    And Kathleen, I CARE if you just ate a cookie. Like, I really care.


    Ohh yeah how was Sin City?!

  4. You guys are the best! Oh, yes, I have that shirt. Maybe it will be my first fashion post! I got back from Vegas last night and, I still can't believe it, but I'll be leaving to move there in ONE month! A Vegas post will be coming! Can't wait to meet you ladies there someday!

    Just so you know, I know we haven't met yet, but if you threw a party, invited everyone you knew... You would see, the biggest gift would be from me and the card attached would say, "Thank you for being a friend." Wow, I just did a rather theatrical version of that little diddy. :)

  5. And all this time I thought you and Monica came up with Shady Pines...

    Turns out you and D-man are the true Golden Girls, I'm just an impostor senior citizen.

  6. awww! what a great tribute! she would have loved it!

    you deeeeefinitely need to go kayaking before you move! we had so much fun that day. it was so beautiful and peaceful. can't wait to go back! i guess in a few weeks the "moon jellies" are going to be out in long beach. apparently, there's like a bajillion of them, and they'll swim up to your kayak and everything. and they don't bite! we're totally going back to visit them.

    thank you for your super sweet comments on my blog today! yay!!

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  8. I used to watch golden girls with my grandma...very good memories:) great post!