"Isn't he lovely..."

Monday, April 13, 2009

"... isn't he wonderful?" My sister and I used to sing this Stevie Wonder song, changing the she to he, to my nephew Max when he was a baby. On Friday, Max turned a whopping five years old. I can't believe it. It seems like just yesterday I was in the delivery room waiting for his redheaded entrance into what was a black and white world before him. And what a colorful difference he has made in my world.

Happy Birthday, Max! You are the most charming, hilarious, sensitive, smart and loving little guy I know. Being your aunt makes me more happy and more proud than I can say.


  1. He is so unbelievably cute!!!
    I just adore his hair ♥
    Thank you for following my blog! I'm following yours now too xx

  2. LOVE the RED. Need I say more?!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Your profile photo is very dreamy. :-)

  3. the first baby i ever fell madly in love with is *choke, five!?!

    sacre bleu and a very happy birthday, max.

  4. Thank you soo much for your kind comments. Someday Max will appreciate the compliments, as well! :)