Best. Weekend. Ever.

Monday, May 18, 2009

It's true. I had the best weekend ever.

On Friday night, I suggested that my roomie and I go kayaking. I used to live in the most lovely little apartment on the lake and I would sit on the deck over the water and daydream about kayaking, but I never got around to it. (Yes, I've kayaked in Mexico, but I've usually just gotten off of some kind of booze cruise. Just a little different... just a little.) It was a gorgeous Seattle night and the experience was everything I hoped it would be... and more.

My roomie snuck beer on the kayak.

(I clearly hated the idea.)

On Saturday, I woke up and went to see a friend I haven't, unfortunately, spent enough time with in the last few years, Philemon. He works at Nordstrom and gave me a facial and did my makeup. It was such a treat, but the best part was being with him. He is, quite possibly, the funniest and most unique person on the planet. I had forgotten how much he makes me laugh. He told all the people standing around that I'm moving to Vegas to become a showgirl. Um, thanks. When I tried to protest, he said very seriously and quietly, "She's shy... so sweet though. You'd never think she'd be a showgirl." Oh, Philemon. You're so much fun.

Then I headed over to one of my favorite places in the world, the Seatac Marriott. Anyone who lives in Seattle thinks this is very, very weird. Seatac isn't even Seattle. It's the suburbs and basically the airport. Enough said, right? Wrong. I used to go to this hotel when I was a little girl with my parents. It has an amazing lagoon-style pool in an atrium decked out with white lights. As soon as you enter the pool area, you have no idea where you are anymore. Are we in Hawaii? Bora Bora? Thailand? (Nope, we're practically at the airport, but I won't tell if you won't.) Several years ago, I went for the first time as an adult and the moment I stepped inside, I was transported to my childhood. So, I have little parties here every once in a while and everyone balks at the idea... until they come for the first time. Then I can't keep them away. Needless to say, I've converted many people to become believers in, and patrons of, the Seatac Marriott. I've even taken myself there alone for a night. I can't afford to fly to Hawaii right now, but maybe I could go to the Marriott and just pretend. What can I say? It's my happy place.

(This picture really doesn't do it justice. You have to see it at night.)

I may have gotten a bit off topic... On Saturday night, I had a little going away party at my happy place. I had family there staying in nearby hotel rooms and friends trickled in and out. There were drinks and snacks, music and hours of swimming. It was perfect.

I swear, the children in my family are getting cuter
and cuter by the day. See for yourself:

Inside the atrium, and right outside the rooms, it looks like
somewhere the Brady Bunch would have vacationed.

I'm really going to miss that Todd:

(I actually didn't do as much drinking as these
pictures would imply, but I like to ham it up for the photos...!)

Time to hop in the pool:

The whole time I felt what I hope everyone felt over the weekend: happy and loved.


  1. Oh my gosh! This really was the best weekend ever! How fun! Yay for gay besties and their fabulousness, you little showgirl, you! HAHA

    And I've been to that hotel!!! For work! I back you up 100% that the pool area is seriously the airport in Seattle.

    I'm so glad you had such a great weekend with your friends and family, and you look gorgeous as usual!!
    One week magic time! XO

  2. Try kayaking on moving water--it's way more fun! I started kayaking a little over a year ago, and I find braving rapids totally addictive!

  3. Lovely pictures! Looks perfect.

  4. what a wonderful weekend! I'm so happy for you that you have so many people around you that love you and are so supportive of you new adventure!!!!

  5. That looks like so. much. fun. And how random that a Marriott hotel has such a beautiful pool. Who knew?

  6. what a killer weekend! and booze cruise?!?!? ahahhaha!!! and kayaking!?!?!?! i would DIE! i am chicken shit, a crap swimmer, and i would be deathly afraid of falling in to the water. clearly you are cooler and braver than me!

    and the kids in your family are ADORABLE!!! very, very, VERY cute!!!

  7. Wow! Sounds like a really fun weekend. Sometimes my husband and I drive about an hour away and get a hotel room...just to get away for the night. So I totally understand.

  8. 1. Love your dress (the one when your are knocking back the bottle!)

    2. The kids are indeed adorably cute

    3. Damn and your kayaking! (sp) If I want to get on a kayak I've to make one out of wood and sit in the docks trying not to be eaten alive by seagulls. Count your blessing m'dear!

  9. Such a great post with funny pictures. I'm so happy you've had an amazing weekend mine was about cleaning LOL. My favourite image is when you are with the beer :-) Hope you have a lovely day, much love: Evi

  10. Ah, I'm so jealous! =D hehe.. glad you had such a wonderful weekend..

    And love that black dress of yours! Looks awesome on you! =)

  11. hi kathleen! thanks for sharing your experience with me and for the positive advice :)
    you are pretty and beautiful lady :)

  12. Sounds like a fantastic weekend - and such a great idea for a party. :)

  13. you really DID have the best weekend ever! what an amazing and perfect going away party for you. i love that your happy place is at an airport hotel in the suburbs. you're just about the coolest girl i know! you're quirky. i like quirky. I AM quirky. and only quirky people are interesting. there i said it. i admitted it. i only like quirky people. sorry normal people out there! i don't like you!

    what am i talking about?!?!? i'll stop now.

    i love that your friend told everyone you were becoming a showgirl!!!! that's hilarious! what a fun guy with such a fun name. philemon! i like it.

    and you went kayaking!! you DID IT! and it was awesome! wooooooo!

    you're gonna have so much fun living in vegas. fun follows you.

  14. You look so great on these pics! I love your dress. Thank you so so much for the lovely comment on my blog and for the Award, i was so flatered I couldn't even believe it! I'll definitely have your blog among my favourite blogs because I think it's so refreshing, and I must confess I have a big crush on the USA where I've been twice in my life.

  15. sounds like you had an amazing weekend! :) thats awesome..:)
    and thank you for the lovely comments on my blog! :)

  16. I'm so happy I got to experience the Seatac Marriot with you, Kathleen! I can't wait to return and practice my mermaid moves in the pool. Did nighttime barbie ever make an appearance? And you OWE ME A DANCE. Don't think I forgot! kisses, t

  17. Stumbled upon your blog by accident. Was doing a search on SeaTac and your blog popped up. I too am a fan of this hotel. The atrium pool here is absolutely terrific. At night - the lighting makes it seem like a mini-vaca for sure. Enjoyed your post.