Cinco de Mayo
{I heart Mexico.}

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I love Mexico and I love celebrations and, let's be honest, I love tequila. Oddly, however, I've never been a big partaker in Cinco de Mayo festivities. Today in Seattle we are having a big ol' rainstorm and it's hard to muster up the strength to take my slippers off, don a sombrero and throw back some shots. (Of course, I am not trying to downplay the actual significance of this holiday to the people of Mexico. I realize it's not actually about head accessories or Patron... or Jose Cuervo for that matter.) So, even though I don't usually celebrate, I would like to share my absolute love and affinity for Mexico...

I have been lucky enough to take several trips there and each one seems to trump the one before. I have met some of the nicest people and seen some of the most gorgeous sunsets. I've told a certain someone that I can only survive another six months without going back. Even though I'm, let's just say, very financially strained at the moment, there are always amazing deals for travel to Mexico. I will save, scrimp and eat only saltine crackers for weeks to feel my feet in the sand, the warmth on my face and hear the faint sound of mariachi music from down the street. Maybe it's the trance the beach puts me in or maybe it's the fact that I usually survive on a diet of guacamole and margaritas and am deprived of the nutrients I need, but I have had some of my life's biggest revelations, crazy moments of clarity and new beginnings on these trips.

In Mexico, I sometimes...
- get violently ill during or after my trip even though I am incredibly cautious
(it's a small price to pay)
- jump in a fountain because I've indulged in too many tequila shots*

In Mexico, I usually...
- indulge in too many tequila shots*
- almost drown at least once per trip
- eat my weight in guacamole
- dance like I'm a 21 year old sorority girl even though I actually never was
- fall in love with my face without makeup and my body just as it is

In Mexico, I always...
- laugh so hard it hurts
- smile at everyone (my friends call this my Puerto Vallarta smile)
- cry when I leave
- feel more alive than I do almost anywhere else


  1. I love this post! I came here through Jasmine's blog :) I have only been to Mexico once (when I was visiting San Diego; I live in Egypt i.e. the other side of the world) and I remember visiting what probably was a tourist store thing that had such amazing things! and I never got that horribly expensive kaleidoscope (that was 10 years ago)
    oops too long of a comment, sorry!

  2. Mexico seems great! And the fodd...hummm!
    lucky you!

  3. wow. you are really makin me want to go to mexico! the only mexico i've ever visited is just outside tijuana on an orphanage building trip. we stopped in tijuana on the way home, but this hardly counts. i love that you have a puerto vallarta smile and you fall in love with your face and body just how they are. i need to go there!!

  4. I love all of your photos and memories of Mexico!!! I have had a few fun trips myself...though the memories are hazy lol! (that is what the 3 day Ensenada cruises with friends will do to you)

  5. Now I'm longing for Mexico!!!!

  6. Guacamole is my favorite!
    I as well would eat my weight in guacamole if I could...haha

  7. i love mexico too! and i love tequila and patron. ahha haha. but i had one of the best vacations ever in mexico and always want to go back. wah.

  8. Mmmm it. I need more trips like yours!

  9. I love Mexico! I wish it wasn't such a nightmare there right now!

    At least we can have patron anywhere, right?

    So last night was shit. I got really depressed thinking of the ex bf going out to some cinco de drinko taco tuesday and getting drunk and hitting on young, dumb girls. Chrystina had to remind me that "he's just going to end up passed out on the kitchen floor". As per usual.

    I just vented. I feel like I can talk to you...awwww! xoxo

  10. Great post - and how wonderful that you have a place that makes you feel so alive. For me it is Scotland - although I can't say I get to run around in little clothing or drink tequila there so the atmosphere is different but my feelings about it are the same. :) Oh, and it almost always snows in my city on Cinco de Mayo - it didn't this year but it is cold out.

    And for the pp Elizabeth Marie (not that I know you AT ALL) my ex-boyfriend was a drunk who passed out all the time too and my life is so much more lovelier without him!

  11. Great pictures!! I love tequila too, it's yum and it gets the job done lol

  12. I just wanted to publicly let you know that blogger has stopped being an ass for the moment and am officially a follower of your amazing blog.

    And I love you. Kthx. :)

  13. Those photos are so beautiful. I've never been to Mexico destination areas like Cabo, Cancoon...etc..only rosorito and thats really not the same. Can you believe it especially when I've lived in so cal for over 10 years! Hopefullly I will take a vacay there in the next few years. Which area do you prefer to travel to?

  14. Thank you! I frequent Puerto Vallarta a lot because I have a friend who has a condo there. However, I love everywhere I've been. I just adore the culture and the weather and the people... Not to mention the beach! :)

  15. Thank-you for stopping by my blog. Loving your upbeat writing voice & I enjoyed reading this post in particular because we're going to Mexico this fall and I'm so excited to feel much of what you've described. Minus the sick part hopefully. :)