Johnny and June
(... and Reese)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I have a big thing for Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. A big, big thing. (Both sides of my mother's family are from the south and, I like to think, I have a bit o' southern belle somewhere inside me. What can I say? I believe in porch swings and iced tea, family and fried okra.) To me, Johnny Cash is the epitome of cool. He was hardworking and troubled. He reminds me a little bit of what I think my dad was like when he was younger. My real love, however, lies with June.

When I went to see Walk the Line at the theater, I fell in love with the Johnny and June love story and with Ms. Carter Cash herself. I left the movie shaken. That woman on that screen, portrayed so lovingly by Reese Witherspoon, was the kind of woman I wanted to be. I went home and researched June for days. The more I learned about her, the more I loved. I fell for her spirit, her spunk, her compassion and her heart. She loved Johnny, but she knew that he wasn't ready to be a good man, a good father or a good partner until he got himself straightened out. So, she turned the man she loved away... until he was ready to be as good a man as she was a woman. That's self-respect like nothing I'd ever seen on film.

{As a sort of social experiment, I once decided to try out online dating. Typically on these sites, you have to choose a sort of tag line. Mine? "I'm looking for my Johnny. Are you looking for your June?" True story.}

Reese Witherspoon's version of June in Walk the Line is one of my biggest style inspirations. I just think her look in this film is so stunning, feminine and strong... and pretty much everything I want my dressed up look to be.

What I love most about this movie, perhaps even more than the love story, is the idea that redemption is within all of our reach. I am not a terribly religious person, but when June sits with and stands by Johnny through his drug withdrawal and tells him this is his chance to start again, well, I'm just a sobbing mess. "You are a good man, and God has given you a second chance to make things right, John. This is your chance, honey. This is your chance."

"It burns, burns, burns."

I love that she wrote the song
"Ring of Fire" about Johnny.

He kept asking her to marry him and she kept saying no. Finally he said, "June, you're my best friend. Marry me." And she paused and quietly said, "All right." I think maybe we're all looking for our best friend and our second chance.


  1. oh my gosh, i love this post...I love how you summed it up, couldn't have said it better

  2. i love them so much. their story is so sweet and beautiful. and reese is my faaaavorite. one of my cousins was given a rose by johnny cash at an airport when she was little. isn't that so sweet?!?

    you should look up the podcast of the johnny and june story from "this american life." i originally heard it on NPR, so you could start by looking up their website. i'm sure "this american life" has a website too. it was reallllly interesting, and i think you would be into it!

  3. This was beautiful! I have never seen the movie, but I'll rent it for sure now. And Reese is always lovely.

    {I loooved your comment on my honesty blog! Oh you. I will be thinking of you tonight when Izzy dies. Ha!}

  4. Ohhhh.. I Love Reese, she is beautiful.

    Be sure to view my blog I have just awarded you with a LOVELY BLOG AWARD!!!

  5. I love that movie so much...I even have the soundtrack...they really did an amazing job!

  6. Great post! I love June Carter so much :-)

  7. This is a beautiful story...and makes me want to see the movie, which I actually never realy wanted to do before. I think I'm going to watch it this weekend!

    I want to marry my best friend. :)

  8. I'll definitely watch the movie now...such a moving story!

  9. Oh, yes, everyone watch the movie! It's such a moving love story and triumphant tale of turning your life around... You won't regret it! :)

  10. Omigoodness, I just welled up big time!
    I looved that movie soo much and I agree with everything you said, you truly did sum up their beautiful story!! It seems men like that need a strong lady to bring them up from the depths. Awesome! :0)

    btw, thanks for the blog visit! :P

  11. Such a good post. I love that movie and it's responsible for getting me into Country. Reese had such STYLE in that movie! "Baby, Baby, Baby..."

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