My (love) affair with Las Vegas.

Friday, May 1, 2009

{Act One}

Earlier in the week, I returned to Seattle after spending six days in Vegas. I don't have any traditionally wild Vegas tales to tell, but I did have an incredible time. You see, I've been dating an LV native (born and raised) and there have been many trips back and forth. One of the things about this trip that made it so special is that it's my last trip before I move there at the end of this month. So, for almost all of my stay, I was taking in the overwhelming fact that, wow, I'll be living here soon. This is a really scary, joyful and exciting thought.

So, here's a little recap of the trip.

Sunshine. Smooches. Dinners out. Lots o' walking (I've never lived anywhere where I could easily walk to coffee, restaurants, the grocery store, etc.). Lots o' laughing. Getting caught up on Season 3 of LOST and asking my boyfriend questions he, thankfully, refuses to answer. Dressing up. Dressing down. Repeatedly preparing myself that it will indeed get much hotter (seriously?). Indulging in two of of my newest obsessions: stuffed date appetizers and banana coconut martinis at Firefly. Displaying my new blonder (otherwise referred to as brassy) hair. Getting on a bike for the first time in thirteen years three days in a row. Acquainting myself with what will be my new neighborhood. Downtown antics. Deep fried Twinkies. Love.

Oops. I cut off his head.

I'm giddy in the first pic
and pretty darn tired in the second.

I love downtown.

It turns out, deep fried Twinkies
are amazing. Note the excitement in my face.
(I actually have a homemade Twinkie
maker. Just so you know.)

Happy and silly
(before we ate way too much sushi).

{Act Two}

The idea that I'm moving to Las Vegas is still crazy to me. With the exception of some time living and traveling abroad, I've always lived in Washington state and kind of assumed I might forever. Sure, I've daydreamed about moving to Austin, Nashville and Los Angeles, but never Vegas. Don't get me wrong, I've had some great times in Sin City. In a previous incarnation, I may have kissed a couple of men in the armed services (because even those opposed to the war have to find their own way of supporting the troops), drank too many cocktails and stayed way too long in the pool with one (or four) frozen daiquiris in hand. I've had fun, but on those trips I always got on my return flight happy to be heading home. I went on a trip in 2006 to celebrate my friend's 30th birthday and I roomed with six (yes, six) platonic male pals. I thought I was laid back enough to handle this arrangement. Turns out, I'm not. I get the heebie jeebies just thinking about how bad that hotel room smelled. I came home exhausted and very, very cranky. I'm pretty sure not all six of those people still want to be friends with me. I swore I would never return.

I returned. I fell in love. I'm moving there in 25 days. Honestly, I'm scared to death. I'm really sad to think about living multiple states from my family and I actually ache when I think about moving away from my nephews. I'm also really scared to live somewhere I don't have any friends... yet. Girlfriends are my life rafts and without them, I'd just be, well, floundering. (So, ladies, if you are sweet and fun and sassy and live in Las Vegas, hit me up. Seriously. Great Las Vegas blogs? Please send them my way.)

However, even with all my fears, I'm so excited. The many things I'm looking forward to: Sunshine. Living with the man I call "mister." Getting to see and hang out with said mister. (Hours on the phone are a great way to get to know someone, but I'm ready to hug him everyday.) I'm also really excited to live in Las Vegas. I've fallen for a side many visitors don't see. However, maybe most of all, I'm excited to discover who I am away from the people who have known me since birth. I've had little glimpses of this when I've travelled. It's amazing to meet the someone new you're just becoming and befriend her.

Carrie Bradshaw said it best, Season 5/Episode One, "Maybe you have to let go of who you were, to become who you will be."

Whatever happens, it's going to be a great adventure. There was a moment last week that seemed to define exactly how I'm feeling about this move... It was late evening and it was warm. I was huffing and puffing on a borrowed bike next to my triathlete boyfriend. He was encouraging me and sweetly lying, "You're doing such a good job." It was silent and, for a moment, Las Vegas felt like a small town. I thought, "This is a perfect moment." It wasn't just the weather, or the bike, or the company (although they were each lovely). It was the quiet, confident ripple of change I felt deep in the sea of my heart. It was, "This could be my life. This could be me." I loved that moment and I love the unknown of what is ahead.

{images without me or Twinkies via Las Vegas Hype and Las Vegas Vintage Graphics, images not obviously taken on an i-Phone via Jenner}


  1. I am so excited for you and to hear all about it! Plus, I LOVE vegas:)

  2. Plus...we should get all the So Cal gals and do a Vegas meetup once you are settled in:)

  3. Yes, yes, and YES! Please! :)

  4. It looks like you had a fantastic time! Oh how I want to try a deep fried Twinkie now!

  5. I just let out a big sigh as I went to write this. Maybe I was feeling nervous (for you). Maybe, as I sit with a smile on my face, I wish you the best of luck that anyone could ever hope to have in beautiful Las Vegas.

    I'm really going to miss having my best gal pal around, but can deal.

    You know, they kick me out of Vegas when I start wearing a shirt with flames on it and roam the halls singing Tony Bennett tunes (at 3 a.m.), but I really look forward to seeing you guys on visits soon!!

  6. i have so many things to say!

    first of all, AWWWWW. OHHHHH. AHHHHHHH. you guys are so freakin cute! look how happy you are! just look! :)

    loved your recap of the trip. adorable. sounds like you two had an amazing time together.

    i wish i lived in vegas! i would hang out with you, kathleen!

    "It's amazing to meet the someone new you're just becoming and befriend her." i love this.

    i would be jusssst as scared as you are. it's scary! levi and i talk about moving to england or france in a couple years, and the thought almost makes me sick to my stomach because i know how much i would miss my family and my home.

    and finally, i am so effing excited for you! i really think you're gonna love it. it's such an adventure! and it is so brave of you to leave washington and your family to do this. yayyy!

  7. you look fabulous with your blonde hair!

  8. HOLY MOTHER OF ALL JUNK FOOD! Deep fried twinkies!!!!!! WOW BABY!

  9. Did you meet your bf in Las Vegas? How exciting to move. I'm sure you will love it. I never thought of Vegas as a place that you can walk and bike around. But that is probably off the strip. That's one of the reasons why I love living in huntington beach ca. Walking to coffee shops and riding my beach cruiser around.

    I bet your going to love it, especially since you will be with your guy.

    Have a great weekend. I'm off to San Diego for the rest of the weekend.

  10. I fell in love with Vegas two years ago on my honneymoon and have wanted to come back ever since !!! You're so lucky to move in this wonderful town and I'm so jealous!!

  11. You guys are too cute! Please let us know the next time you go to Vegas and we can join you. Love your blog!

  12. 1. Your trip looked fantastic! What a gorgeous couple you shucks! I love Vegas so much and I'm envious.

    2. You are brave and IT IS SO EXCITING. You're moving for the best reason possible {LOVE!} and that is beautiful. My friends and I often talk about how we'd like to pick up and move somewhere else, but it's scary..and hard..and we're chickens. I am so inspired by you just grabbing life and making the's awesome!

    And yeah, we're all gonna go to Vegas to hang with you!

  13. You guys are picture perfect! I'd throw up in my mouth if I didn't love you so much!

    I agree with a cali girls to Vegas extravaganza!

    I love this post. The SATC quote is one of my favs...sometimes I repeat it over and over like a psycho.
    You're amazing. xo

  14. Your life sounds like a fairytale or a good book or even a TV show ahha. I am excited for you and I hope you make the best of it! You only live once! And I never knew fried twinkies would be any good... mmm must try it!!!!!

    OHH AND a fellow LOST fan. OMG you will love this current season!!!

  15. Good for you! I big puffy heart Vegas. The hubs and I are always debating on when we'll make the trip together. We've only done it single gal/guy style! I made a couple of moves post college to D.C. and Houston and wouldn't trade them in for a second! You're gonna have a blast!

  16. Thank you all soo much for your kind words and for your support. Many, many people have treated me like I'm mentally ill for moving to Vegas, but... "the things we do for love!" Yes, I met my bf in Vegas, but we were friends of friends and knew of each other for a couple of years before we met.
    I'm scared, but I'm very excited too. Thanks for all the encouragement. It means so much more than you know...

  17. So so excited for you! And so sad that I won't be in Vegas in just 6 days. I know we'd be great friends. Good luck with the transition- an adventure always changes you, but always for the better!



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