Dresses, dresses and more dresses

Friday, June 26, 2009

If only I had a job, I would be all over at least a few of the dresses I'm currently coveting... I've said it before, but I'm going to say it again. I am in love with ModCloth. Their clothes are so retro and just plain cool.

I haven't yet figured out how to dress in this crazy Las Vegas heat, and I'm not a huge fan of shorts when not vacationing, so I've been surviving solely in dresses. When I am again a member of the employed, I so want a couple of these...

These remind me of
Charlotte from SATC:

I love this sweet
maxi dress:

Au Pair Maxi Dress

I heart the retro
secretary look:

Domino Effect Dress

Ooh, I would love to
go out in one of these:

I'm mad about this
gorgeous little number:

Oh, and last but not least, I am ga ga
for these 80's inspired looks:

Fashion Headlines Dress

This is my favorite because it's named
after Lisa Turtle from Saved By the Bell

Here's hoping that all of you are swimming in lovely summer dresses of your own!


  1. i can't tell you the number of times i have gone to purchase a mod cloth dress and then pulled away thinking...wait just a little bit longer until you have a little bit more money. i love their dresses. love their clothes. wish i could wear them all. love these choices!!

  2. oh i love them all especially the 2nd one!

  3. Can I have them all? Somehow I don't think the hubs will go for that. I at least need the Fashion Headlines lovely!! I think dresses and skirts are so much cooler than shorts. Two words. Air flow.

  4. All these dresses are absolutely stunning!!! I've never heard of this brand/ shop but I will have to now because they have some amazing dresses. :) the problem will be choosing only one. :(

  5. Great choices I to shun shorts and stick w/dresses when I can.

  6. the Ruffle Rumble Dress is my fav! lovely

  7. aw, i can totally see you in a green scene dress! :) a great compliment to your beautiful hair. wish i could wear stuff from modcloth too. often times, i'm only at the accessories. :(

  8. Great picks, lady! I need more dresses in my life.

  9. Aaaaa Modcloth is one of my many {MANY} weaknesses. I mean, scrolling through the dresses, I'm always like "I would wear ANY ONE of these".

    Have exercised admirable self control and not actually bought one yet. But that layer cake dress is particularly gorgeous. Haha hmm...

  10. ooo, these dresses are adorable! Great selection.


  11. I actually made a pact with myself to only wear dresses for a year.
    so far, so good!
    LOVING that first one!
    So much so that I think I'm going to go swipe one up for myself right now. :)

  12. wow those all look great!! soo pretty<33

  13. wow i love so many of those i wouldnt be able to pick just one!

  14. These dresses are so pretty. I want allll of them!

  15. I think I need every single one! :)

  16. sooo cute! you have exceptional taste, kathleen! i'm itching for some new clothes too. i've gotten a couple new things lately (mostly from my mom for my birthday - moms are the best), but i actually need a completely new wardrobe. of course, the house needs furniture, and we need food sooooo a new wardrobe will most likely have to wait.

  17. K, I want every one of these dresses please.

    Pop around to my page, I left you something...

    Have a super fab week xoxo

  18. The strawberry chiffon dress looks almost exactly like a Marc Jacobs number last season... except so much less expensive.
    Thank you for the gorgeous dresses!

  19. Those first few? VERY Charlotte! Good eye, haha.

    I love all of these, I like your taste!

  20. I almost bought that grass is greener dress, but my computer froze and I took it as a sign! lovely choice:)

  21. These are all so cute! I would take any one of them.

  22. I could wear dresses every day of my life!

  23. I'm going crazy over the High Tide Dress, Layer Cake Dress and the The Lisa Dress!! LOVE THEM!

  24. Dresses are the way to go in summer. They don't bind or ride up and you are so much cooler in them. I would wear dresses to work if I could.

  25. I LOVE all of these! They're so beautiful!