"Get up and shake the glitter off your clothes now..."

Sunday, June 14, 2009

"... that's what you get for waking up in Vegas."

Dear Friends,

I'm sorry I've been a somewhat inconsistent blogger as of late. Adjusting to my new life in Las Vegas has been more time consuming, and sometimes more emotional, than I had anticipated, but I promise to get better and to share all my silly stories. Okay? Okay. We're good? Great. I love you. I know we just met and maybe it's too soon to share my love for you, but, hey, that's how I roll.

Moving on...

This last week has been really good... As hard as I think change is, it turns out it can also be a lot of fun, especially with Vegas as the backdrop. {There have been about 412 funny relationship/adjusting to cohabitation stories to tell, and tell them I will, but I promised my boyfriend that I would ease into "Carrie Bradshaw-ing our relationship" to the blogging community. So, stay tuned...}

On Wednesday, my sister Debby came into town with some of her family. (We're technically half-sisters, although certainly not in my heart, and so we don't share all of the same family.) Debby is so much fun and just radiates a love for life that is contagious. She invited me to stay with her in her room at The Flamingo and I was expecting some great sister time, as well as some relaxing alone time in the hotel room since I knew Debby would be gambling a little downstairs. What I hadn't known to anticipate was just how amazing and hip her room would be. I'm not sure what I was expecting from The Flamingo, but it definitely wasn't how cool it actually was.

The view from Debby's room.

Look at her stunning room. I wish my bedroom looked like this.

Oh, and watching America's Next Top Model from the bathtub? Amazing.
I don't think I'll be able to watch it dry again...

The next day I hung out at the pool and learned that anyone can use The Flamingo pool after 1:00pm. In case you come to Vegas, now you'll know where to find me...

That night, Jenner met up with all of us and we decided we needed to take Debby's niece Lisa out on the town and show her a good time. She had just turned 21 and had never been to Vegas before.

Jenner led us around his city and was our very own personal, and handsome, tour guide.

We met a random, and very excited, lady from Seattle. She was clearly very happy to have met us...

Later we went to The Bank at the Bellagio and had ourselves a time. I cannot promise that I remember all of the evening especially clearly, but, c'mon, I was celebrating with a 21 year old. I can promise that fun was had and that I've never seen Jenner dance so much.

On Friday night, I went out with a bunch of girls I met through my new friend, Autumn Vegas. Autumn told me that the restaurants in town have promotional free dinners for groups of ladies from time to time and invited me to join. Um, free? Yes, she assured me, free. Needless to say, I was in. So, I got myself all dolled up and felt like a high school girl hoping everyone would like me.

Can you tell I was a little nervous while getting ready? (It was only partially because I was secretly afraid I might be lured into a high-class prostitution ring later in the night... Maybe I've seen one too many Lifetime movies.)

We met up at Rare 120º, a restaurant at The Hard Rock. I had a great time and met a lovely group of gals. However, I will admit that I was, by far, the oldest in the group, but on the plus side - no one appeared to work in the escort industry or want me to... Whew. :) At one point, I made a comment about my age and was asked how old I was. When I answered, there was a very loud, "Shut the f*ck up! You are kidding me!" Um, no. I think she meant it as a compliment and I was somewhat flattered, but I became instantly and acutely aware of how age is interpreted in this crazy town.

Later in the evening, we went to the club Wasted Space where I used my first coed bathroom. Autumn Vegas exclaimed, "I've never used a bisexual bathroom!" She caught herself a second later and shrieked in embarrassment. Love her. I laughed and made a mental note to remember to include this story in my blog. A few minutes later this funny moment was almost forgotten when I told the guy waiting in line behind me that the bathroom was "a little too Ally McBeal for my taste." It turns out, I really am older than everyone else in Vegas.

As I was driving home that night, I had a moment, a small moment, where Las Vegas felt like home. This made me smile.

That's all for now. Thanks for taking the time to read this, lovely lovelies.

Xoxo - Kathleen

PS) I hope this finds you fantastically happy and well!


  1. lol you crack me up girly!!

    first of all....you are darling

    second...flamingo rooms...who knew?!

    third...as soon as you said co-ed bthroom, my mind went to mcbeal too!!! (read:don't worry, I'm right there with ya)

  2. I love your Vegas (aka home) stories! Makes me wanna go there NOW, but I figure this a good substitute for me!

  3. i love the picture of you curling your hair...that face you make makes me laugh!
    it sounds like youre having a happy time there...

  4. I am in bed, not a happy lovebug, and I just read this and laughed out loud. Thank you...

    I am loving your stories, and WHO KNEW about the Flamingo?! I have been a Vegas snob I guess, but jeeez. That looks amazing. "I'll never watch it dry again"

    I LOVE the Bank. Like, I think I do. I never leave there remembering much...


  5. Everything looks so fabulous! Last time I stayed at the MGM and there was a TV in the bathroom. I was in heaven!


    sounds like such a blast. I will be driving by Vegas on my way to my new home... LA!

  7. Looking forward to more fun with you soon! Love you bunches!

  8. The crazy enthusiastic lady sounds, insane! Looks like you're having a wonderful time, it's nice when you feel at home, even if it's just for a moment.


  9. What fun!

    I am a firm believer that your "family" can be anyone you care about, who cares about you back. Blood lines and genetics don't mean much to me. Whether it's our sista', half-sister, step-sister, or blood sister is inconsequential--it's the relationship that matters most.

  10. bahah!!! you are making vegas sound so fun!! i love this part: Oh, and watching America's Next Top Model from the bathtub? Amazing.
    I don't think I'll be able to watch it dry again...

    HAHAHAHAH! love that!!!

    i hope things keep going well and that you love living there. :)

  11. Oh, you make me laugh! A prostitution ring? I know, what if! LOL

    I'm glad you've been having fun! You're awesome!

  12. hahahahhaa! i LOVE that you have a tag called "carrie bradshaw references." that's amazing.

    it sounds like things are going just swimmingly for you in vegas! i am happy to hear it! i've misssssssed you! i'm so pleased to hear that you're making new friends in your new town.

    i hope you're having a great time back "home." love love love you!


  13. um, you're kind of making me want to move to Vegas. ..the redone rooms at the Flamingo are so hot!

  14. Vegas can be FUN...make sure to get some beauty sleep too. Check out my giveaway...it's gorgeous and it could be fun to put in your hair while out on the town. Very Carrie Bradshaw. {Flowers in your hair}

  15. Oh wow I would always watch ANTM while in a bubble bath!!

    Love the blog!!

  16. The Flamingo is the hotel where I've spend my honeymoon and it's indeed a great hotel! The view from our bedroom was as awesome as the one on your pics and the pools are heavenly!
    You look so nice on the pics, I love love love your dress!
    kiss from France

  17. Sounds like your having fun in Vegas. Your hair is gorgous btw.

    I never would have thought that the Flamingo had some amazingly stylish hip rooms. Wow. I think I may stay there next time. They need to do some marketing/advertising to let us know! Can't wait to read and see more of your Vegas adventures!

  18. Thanks so much for the comments! Maybe I should work for The Flamingo and get the word out... :) Actually, I have to tell you all that the cool rooms are called "Go Rooms" and the regular rooms are... very regular. Just a tip for all you Vegas visitors!