Home, sweet, new home.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Hello, friends. It's been a few days since I've posted, but please forgive me, my last post took a lot out of me... On that note, I can't thank you enough for your sweet comments. Your words made that day, just as they make every day, that much easier. Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

This last week or so has been difficult. I am loving Vegas and I am loving the handsome man that brought me here, but adjusting to change takes time and a whole lot of patience.

Because I couldn't possibly describe it all, here are a few snippets of things I've learned in Las Vegas in the last week:

- When walking the mile to Target, you might find yourself wondering why your elbow is wet. Turns out, it's sweat.

- While shopping, you must stop yourself from trying on and buying certain dresses just because you live in Las Vegas. If you wouldn't be seen in public wearing it in Seattle, maybe you shouldn't buy it here. I've walked around with dresses just to have to look at them, shake my head, mutter something to myself about not being a showgirl and put them down.

- After you've decided to put a particular dress down because it turns out the buyer (yours truly) is too mature to be seen in it, don't be surprised to see a seventy year old woman trying it on in the dressing room next to yours.

- Last, but not least, after eating at your favorite new taco spot a block from your house, you might think you have to finish your beer before you leave... Then you remember you can take it with you. Flash forward to walking down the street on a warm June night, drinking a Corona and thinking, "Life is good."

On Saturday night, my boyfriend and I joined his family for a charity event that helps rescue Weimaraners. (At first I wasn't sure what kind of charity event we were attending and had to say while driving, "Please tell me if I am actually driving to a Republican Party fundraising event, so I can turn this car around." Now, I love people from all political philosophies, but what can I say? I'm a proud Democrat, born and raised.) The event was held at the most amazing property. (You can see it here.) Jenner and I had to take photos and talk about what it would be like to live in that incredible, huge house.

I loved the inside of the house, but was blown away by all of the outdoor living space. I would just love to have a bed outside to nap on. This bed reminded me of Faith Hill's "Breathe" video, but I thought it might be somewhat inappropriate, although certainly memorable, to get in and do an impression.

My favorite part of the evening was meeting my future dog. (Okay maybe not this exact one, but one just like her. Her name is Daisy. Isn't she just the cutest?)

Can't you just feel the love? Now, I'm a sucker for Golden Retrievers, like Rusty - my mom's sweet, sweet dog, but at this point in my life, a dog of that size just doesn't seem feasible. (Hey, I saw Marley & Me.) Ever since Charlotte on Sex and the City got Elizabeth Taylor Goldenblatt, I have wanted a King Charles Cavalier of my very own.

On Sunday, I hung out with, wait for it..., a potential new friend! Hooray!

Her name is Autumn and I met her in January. I liked her immediately. I told her I might be moving here and she gave me her number. For five months now, I've had her number in my phone under Autumn Vegas. On Friday night, I had consumed enough alcoholic beverages (3, thank you very much, I'm a lightweight.) to find the courage to text her. Later that night, long after I'd gone to sleep, Jenner came excitedly running up the stairs with my phone saying, "Autumn Vegas just texted you!"

On Sunday, we met up at the Moorea Beach Club at Mandalay Bay. (I had to be obsessively careful, though. You see, I have been spending far too much time in my home office, the pool, and got a little burnt a couple of days ago.) It was so much fun. Autumn has lived here almost two years and gave me all the ins and outs of Vegas living.

So, thanks to my outing with Autumn, I will end this post with a few more Doogie Howser style Vegas life lessons I learned on my way to and at the pool...

- When parking at a hotel on the strip, take a photo. I did and, I swear, it saved me.

- Being a nurse at a 21+ pool in Vegas has it's disadvantages. Autumn Vegas, my very own superhero nurse friend, was summoned to help a woman who had almost drown. Poor lady... She was fine, but it takes a special kind to almost drown in three feet of water before 2:00pm.

- You must slowly work on becoming more accustomed to seeing random women with their tops off. To each their own, but there isn't enough alcohol in Vegas to get me to pull out the ladies during Ray J's "Sexy Can I?" (I'll explain later, Mom.)

- Finally, at some point, you have to say no to free drinks. In a previous incarnation, I would never turn down free, well, anything, but if your new friend is friends with a girl who works at the bar and she keeps bringing drinks your way, at some point, you have to politely decline.

{Vegas photo via Team Penley McNaughton , Weimaraner photo via and Charlotte photo via HBO.}


  1. Oh wow! It looks like you are having such a fantastic new adventure! I can't wait to hear more about it.

    {Also-- I have given you an award over at my blog because I think yours is so lovely. You should definitely check it out!}

    xo Emily

  2. Yay for the update! Glad you're getting the Vegas lifestyle down :)

  3. Oh wow, it really sounds like you're having an awesome time! Your pictures are lovely and that dog is super cute! All the best xoxo

  4. Looks like you are having a blast! and king charles Cavaliers are the prettiest dogs (: I hope you get one x

  5. Looks like someone is getting her vegas wings! I'm so glad you found the pool at Mandalay and had a good time with your new vegas Autumn haha!

    I have always wanted to BE Charlotte, so I always wanted her dog too! That is the sweetest picture of you and Daisy. I hope the feller buys you one...hey feller...


  6. Wow, sounds like you're settling right in! My girlfriend has a King Charles and he's the sweetest little munchkin. I would imagine it's difficult to turn down the free booze, ah ha.

  7. First of all, you are too funny for words. I love your little tips and notes!

    Secondly, it sounds like quite the adventure you (and your adorable man) are on and I am so happy you're sharing it here! Keep it up. :)

  8. I am so glad that things are falling into place!

    I love king charles'...and Hub adores the weimaraners, what a beautiful home!

  9. Great update on what you've been up to so far. Sounds like a vacation, ...AMAZING!

  10. I've always wanted a Weimaraner! I think they're adorable.

  11. I'm happy that things are getting so well for you in Vegas...watching all these pics from the places where I've had the time of my life made me want to come back badly!
    Funny comment about the dresses...people dare to wear and do so many things in Vegas, but as they say it "What happens in Vegas..."

  12. Yay! I'm so glad to hear you're having a good time out there in Vegas. What a cute doggie!

  13. enjoy las vegas! i have a girlfriend going to grad school there... it took her awhile to warm to the city, but now she loves it!

    vegas actually has a lot more culture and activites than people give it credit for... it's not just gambling and clubs!

  14. Dear STG -- I took your advice and moved to Alabama after hooking up with my new 18-year-old girlfriend over the internet. First off, it's WAY humid down here. Also, our conversations could be described as, uh, minimal. I'm wondering: Any more great ideas?


    Lonely Talladega Nights

    ; ) See ya soon!!

  15. Wow that is a cute dog!! awwww <3

    And great to hear that you're having fun in vegas!

  16. oh yay...husband and I love Vegas ..although it took many years after hating it because my dad moved there when I was 15. We often talk about moving there. ..I honestly think it would be ten thousand times less stressful than living in LA ...and probably more fun. I'm interested in hearing your take on living there. lol about the showgirl dress and the 70 year old woman! so true. ..here as well. lol