Sweet Seattle.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I have spent the last ten days in Seattle. Initially I was in town solely for my graduation... A graduation, mind you, I wasn't even planning on attending. Since I had only just moved to Las Vegas two weeks before, I wasn't sure the timing was right to come all the way back to Seattle. However, my very persuasive friend, Ms. Jennifer Davila Beckwith, convinced me I simply had to attend. In fact, JDB told me that if I wouldn't do it for myself, fine, but then I had to do it for her. Well, what could I say? She's always been hard to argue with... There were also a few snafus with the house I had already moved out of with my roommate and friend Katie. It didn't seem right to leave her to handle it all on her own. So, before I knew it, what was intended to be a three day trip turned into ten. {Oh, and thank you, JDB. You were right. It was totally worth it, especially because we went through it together.}

The first couple of days were trouble. There was a whole lot of painting and it was far, far more work than I had anticipated. I could share some not-so-nice words about dealing with landlords, but I will opt instead to share a picture.

Painting, especially with friends, can be so much fun.
(It can also be really, really painful for days afterward...
I had forgotten that.)

The next few days were all about dusting off the ol' umbrella and putting on my best Mary Poppins impersonation. It was great to be with some of the little people who mean the most to me and to have an opportunity to make a little extra money.

It was, as always, great to be with my sister, Monica, and her kids. I told Monica on this trip that I think there may have been a mix up and Jude is actually my son... "Single Ladies" is his favorite song. Enough said. That toddler shakes his booty with so much gusto when singing gibberish to "If you like it then you should-a put a ring on it."

Then I made a trip to my favorite Seattle hair salon, Vain, in an attempt to be unbeweavable!

After having some great Thai food with my good friend Todd, I hopped a bus to the coast for some downtime with my mama.

{Todd may be available for Thai dinners and lots of laughs when you visit Seattle, ladies.}

My mama's backyard.

(During my visit, I had one of those come to sweet baby Jesus moments. While I was there, and had some extra time to think, it became really obvious that I need to work on getting a job in Las Vegas as soon as possible. This has been a little tough for me, however, because I've been working since I was thirteen years old and have been in school for so long now. I also just moved to a place that wakes me up each morning and whispers in my ear, "It's okay. Come out to the pool... Look for a job later. You just got here!" It would be really, really easy to be pretty lax about this summer. However, on this trip I realized how excited I am to use my new degree and start out on my new career. It also became clear just how much I need to find a job to feel grounded in my new city. So, I started my job search and although it's early, I'm happy to say that I have a lot of leads. Wish me luck!)

One of my best friends in the world, Luna, came to visit me for a night at my mom's and our visit was full of what our trips together are always filled with: giggles.

I love the beach, but the cold weather made me miss Vegas.

My family and I returned to Seattle for my graduation. We went to Elliott's Oyster House down on the waterfront for what should have been a lovely, celebratory meal the night before I graduated. (The meal was fantastic.) However... I learned that night that while I might be getting my Master's Degree, I am not yet ready to graduate to drinking dirty martinis. I only had two, but, man, were they strong. Not much later in the night, at my sister's house luckily, I showed my family my less than impressive dance moves. Yep, I did the Running Man. (And the Roger Rabbit.) Then I promptly passed out. Ah, maturity... One step forward, several steps back.

The last few days have been all about my favorite time, Auntie time.

In this picture, I told Max to make a happy face like he was going to have a bowl of ice cream. After seeing it, I realized he took this very seriously.

Audrey is only 5 and an amazing artist. This is a self-portrait. She told me this week that she'd like to be president, but didn't think she'd have time to work on her art. Flynn, well, just look at him. He's hilarious.

This is my sis-in-law, Yen, and her newest addition, sweet baby Nova. Yen is one of those moms who make motherhood look so easy... and so fun.

Baby Nova is gorgeous... Jude agrees.

I'm hoping to come back in August. Until then, I'm going to miss my boys so, so much.

Luckily, I have a different boy to return to... and a new home to make my own.

{Seattle images via visit-seattle.com}


  1. Happy Graduation!
    I bet its strange going from Vegas to Seattle and visa versa.
    Your nieces and nephews are so cute!

  2. Congrats!! That sounds like an amazing trip. And that little bambino is scrumptious!

  3. the picture from above the two children looking at each other is SO precious! :)

  4. Yay! Looks like you had a great and relaxing time!


  5. Congrats and you are ALWAYS unbeweavable!!! Your hair is in my top 5 mmhmmm!! haha.

    I'm so loving this life adventure of yours. It's so fun and inspiring!

    Love you!

  6. So happy you had a wonderful trip. :)
    LUCK on the job leads.

  7. I think some of your blog followers are gonna be wondering what the eff the running man and roger-rabbit are, babe!

    I love, love, love those images of Audrey and Flynn they perfectly capture both of them. Nice i-photography lady!

  8. I love the pictures - looks like a great and much needed trip! You seem like the best auntie around.

  9. sounds like you had a great time!

  10. that trip sounds like it was just what the dr ordered!! good luck with the job hunt...you are going to be great!

  11. Wow! Las Vegas... sounds like you had a successful trip! I found your blog via My Wooden Heart - and I love it! :)

  12. i'm really craving thai food now :D

  13. this is great! such cute pics of the lil ones. =)

    oh and ur friend (guy) look like the guy from Sex and the City in that foto. But less gay. =)

  14. so cool! i love your blog... i can imagine how scary it can be to move away from home to a big city (i tried it with l.a.... yikes), so you must be super brave! i'm trying to plan a trip to seattle in september. i've never been and have always wanted to.

  15. LOL...that picture of flynnie made me spew my coffee! it's perfect...total flynn.

    love ya!