Happy night and happy day.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

On Tuesday night, Jenner took me to the one place in Vegas I've been dying to stay, the Golden Nugget. It's not that it's the nicest hotel here, no, certainly not. It's not even on the strip - it's downtown - but there's something so old-school Vegas about it. It makes me feel like I'm in the Las Vegas of yesteryear, of Elvis and Priscilla, and I'm all about that. {It's also only $49/night at the good ol' Golden Nugget. Crazy...} Oh, and the best part? The pool, but I'll get to that.

After we checked in, we hung out at the pool a little and then went back to our room for some relaxing in monogrammed GN robes before I started getting ready for the night. I decided to rock my new bumpit in my hair and was very pleased with the results, even if I lost some of my hair height later into the evening.

Then we were off to take photos before dinner.

Sharks are a little scary, but fish tanks in pools? Priceless.

After dinner, I bought the world's worst tequila shots and had the most fun.

Then we headed out to Fremont Street. I love it down there. It's so much fun and there are a few bars that can only be described as very hipster that remind me of Seattle. This is a favorite - be sure to check it out. I know you ladies will love it.

The next day, we headed out to the pool. I've talked about the Golden Nugget's pool before. It is beyond cool. There's a shark tank in the middle of it. Even more, there's a glass water slide that goes right through it. As a bona fide pool gal, please trust my heartfelt recommendation. If not, I think the photos speak for themselves.

I think I already want to go back...

Book and drink in hand in an in-the-pool lounger.
Life is good.

It was one happy night and one happy day.
{Thanks, Jenner. I had the best time!}


  1. I am so staying there next time I'm in LV!! Looks like so much fun!

  2. woah! that pool is awesome!!! and i will always ALWAYS take your recommendations on swimming pools. you are an expert.

    looks like you two had so much fun. yay!

  3. You two are too cute! Looks amazing. I'll have to let you know the next time I'm out there, you know all the cool places! Plus, you're awesome too! :)

  4. Awesome! How lucky :) sounds like you had the best time. That pool is incredible.

  5. wow. thats so awesome! I will keep that place in mind the next time I head to Vegas.

    I love your outfit by the way! Super cute/sexy!

  6. that pool looks amazing! you guys seem so happy! looks like such a fun/perfect day.

  7. Looks like a fantastic weekend. Makes me want to go back to Vegas!!


  8. Aww it looks like you two are having such a fab time!! How wonderful. :)
    And I'm sooo jealous that you look so amazing with the bumpit! LOL. I tried that thing in my hair and it was a disaster. But it looks adorable on you, so I'm glad it wasn't a total scam. It just wasn't meant for me. Le sigh.

  9. Now i know where to stay when I am in vegas.
    Also, your dress is AMAZING!!!!!!!

  10. The great smiles on your faces speak for themselves, this must indeed havé been a fabulous night! I wish i had been to fremont street during my Vegas trip! Your haïr is beautiful and i lové your bikini :-) xoxo

  11. Oh your vegas pictures make me so excited! You look beautiful!

  12. What fun! Downtown Vegas does have a nostalgia about it that you just don't get on the strip. I've been to the Nugget, but never stayed there...maybe next time!

  13. so fun, that pool looks amazing!!!!

    and you have now officially sold me on bumpit..ha!