An update... and a letter to Jon Gosselin.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Oops. I seemed to confuse at least a few of you yesterday when I said that I like my friend Autumn enough to ignore the fact that her hat belongs on Jon Gosselin's head. Sorry ladies for the confusion. Sofia, over at Smiling at every Sunrise, got it though. Thanks, girl!

Yes, Jon Gosselin has been insisting on wearing Ed Hardy shirts
all. the. time. It's
driving me crazy. Autumn's hat is Ed Hardy. Yada, yada, yada...

However, if anyone can pull off this look, it's Autumn Vegas and not, I'm afraid, Jon Gosselin.

Moving on...

{I feel this is necessary.}

Dear Jon Gosselin,

I saw your show a couple of times and I understand that having eight children and a wife who emasculates you every chance she gets must have been hard, but here's the thing... You have eight children. You're 32. Take off those damned shirts. Please.

Thanks for your time,

Oh, and PS...
I heard you just bought a two bedroom apartment in Manhattan. Um, do I need to point out again that you have eight children? You don't need a bachelor pad. Grow up. That ship has sailed.

One last thing... Your new girlfriend's eyebrows disturb me.
A lot. That's all.

Best of luck, Jon!


  1. lol

    ewwwww, her brows are horrible and autumn vegas is adorable:)

  2. Great post, very funny. I think John is going for biggest douche bag of the year. He's got it in the bag!

  3. Hahaha! Perfect! I could not have said it better.

  4. i heart you and your letter to jon gosselin times a million.

  5. Funny!! Jon is such a dork. Autumn Vegas can pull it off. Jon, ehh, not so much. That gear makes him look like a true poser to the tattoo world.

  6. I totally got the reference BTW!! He is such a tool!!

  7. I would like to endorse your letter!

  8. I couldn't agree with you more about everything on your letter (esp about the bachelor pad in manhattan... and his EIGHT children will go where??? I feel so bad for them...)

    (p.s. you're welcome.)

  9. Being in England we don't hear about all this Jon & Kate stuff but I read enough American stuff to know about it and this is too funny!!!

  10. bahahahahaha.

    that's all. (:

  11. you tell'm sista.... ok how cute are you and how cute is your blog! i jadore. i was just wanted to say thanks for your comment... it was really sweet of you.

    oh i noticed you like those headband things have u entered 's blog to enter ??? xoxoxo

  12. Didn't know who this Jon Gosselin was but have just catched up thanks to Wikipedia!! He seems to be some kinda of an idiot doesn't he? sorry if I am mistaken ...