Good News Galore!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hello, friends!

I am in an exceptionally giddy mood for several reasons:

- I am officially on vacation for the week!

- I have spent the last couple of days relaxing with the world's most neurotic yet lovable pup, Russy. He has been even more adorable than usual and I've let him know I'm on to him. Yes, Russy, the jig is up. In between smooch sessions, I had a little talk with him. It went a little something like this, "Hey, Russ, this whole crazy act you've got going, it's really a sham, isn't it? You've fooled everybody." Long, awkward silence. "Well, whatever works for you. Your secret's safe with me." I really hope he doesn't read this.

- My new counseling job is starting up very soon. I'm so excited to be doing something I feel this passionately about and will allow me to make a difference in the lives of children.

- My sister bought me a ticket to come home and visit my family in a few weeks! I can't even begin to tell you how excited, excited, excited I am to hang out on the bay, laugh with my mama and sisters and snuggle with my nephews.

- In just a little over a month, my Danny is coming to visit. I know, I know... Over a month is a ways off, but if you had a Danny you would understand. I keep thinking to myself, I just need to find one solid girlfriend and one gay boyfriend in Vegas and I'll be set. While this is still certainly true, no one could ever compare to my first love, my Danny. He's been the Will to my Grace since I borrowed his En Vogue CD in the eighth grade.

- By the time you read this, I will be taking a little drive to Newport Beach, California to join my boyfriend and his family for a few days of sun, sand and surf. I can't wait to jump in the waves, read on the beach, drink with my handsome feller and just kick back.

(Did I mention drink with the feller?
I kid, but these photos are too ridiculous to keep to myself.)

- My 100th post is rapidly approaching and I have a little surprise in store, so please stay tuned.

I'm hoping that your lives are filled with good news of your own. Sending much, much love to you and yours!

{photo via The Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes}


  1. That is a whole lotta good news! Good for you! I'm so jealous that you're at the beach...have fun!

  2. hurrray vacation.
    Have a great time in Newport!

  3. yay for good news!! (and that is all some very very good news.) i can't wait to see you!!!!

  4. Sounds fun. Where is home?

    Russ is too cute!

  5. Have a fabulous vacay and give our buddy a big hug for me!

  6. oh my! so much good news... I love it!! Have fun on your vacation!

  7. Yay for good news! Yay for seeing you sooooon! Yay for blog surprises! Yay for Ashlee Simpson!! haha

    Drive Safe!

  8. "I am officially on vacation for the week! "

    You bitch.

  9. Have a fun vacation! I've yet to get away this year. Hubby can't get...or wont' take any time off.

    I came from Gabby's place and just wanted to swing by and say Hi!

  10. *Sigh* My "Danny" moved away last year to be with his partner and I miss him a lot. We e-mail all the time of course but it just isn't the same. Every girl needs a gay-best-friend, no? :)