Something's Bugging Me.
{Oh, and another thing...}

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What's bugging me, you ask?

Bugs. Bugs are bugging me. The big, scary kind. It turns out, Las Vegas has a thing for cockroaches and cockroaches have a thing for me.

I don't really want to get into this too much because, well, I like you and so I'm going to spare you the details. What I will say is that my boyfriend went to Lake Tahoe for several days last week and left me to fend for myself. Initially, I was looking forward to a little alone time. Yeah, not so much.

I was never alone.

Oh, and these aren't little buggers. Oh, no. They're pretty much the size of a small dog. So, yeah, I'm basically Paris Hilton, but over at my house, Tinkerbell is a cockroach.

On a side note... Once when I was about ten years old, I was convinced there was an ant or two on me. {I. was. terrified.} So, I did what any neurotic, bug-freak would do. I waited for someone to walk past my house (it was a really small town so I had to wait a while) and then ran outside to a very old man I'd never met and screamed, while violently shaking, "IS THERE A BUG ON ME? I SAID, IS THERE A BUG ON ME?!?"

Needless to say, I don't do bugs. However, on the plus side, that unbeweavable Lizzy Marie responded to my frantic text messages by offering to put me up in a hotel. Isn't that just the most generous thing? Of course, I declined, but I sure didn't want to. She's a doll... and I'm very excited to be hanging out with her next week!

Moving on... The gorgeously stylish Rose Red featured me on her blog last week. If you haven't already, you have to check out her lovely blog here. I want to steal her hair and her style. To me, it's just perfection. She's also incredibly sweet. (You can check out moi on her blog here.)


  1. Oh lady...ANYTIME, ANYTIME...lets hope this lil problem gets fixed because I can't have a friend living with those...I mean, yes I call you lovebug but I never imagined it would come true...and next time you are taking me up on the offer or I will call a cab and have him drag you out and place you in the Golden Nugget himself.

    I see you in a WEEK?! WHAT WHAT WHAT!

  2. WAIT. Less than a week! Like WAYYYY LESS.

  3. hahahaha! you must have scared the pants off of that old man! i too am terrified of cockroaches. when i was little, i was scared to be in the bathroom by myself. i always imagined that a 7 foot tall cockroach in a red cape and a gold crown (he was the cockroach king) would come in and steal me away or get cockroach juice on me or something equally horrifying.

    we were weird kids.

    (thanks for the tag and for thinkin i'm sexy, btw!) :)

  4. Liz told me the situation...wowza! You're a brave girl! Next time, take her up on her offer!

  5. ugh, I'm not a fan of bugs either. And yes, feeling loved makes you feel sexy, i agree!

  6. yay! i am totally going to sex my blog up just as soon as i'm stable again. (in the middle of the big nyc move right now!)

    cockroaches... not so sexy. i hope they weren't the flying kind. that's what we have in texas. flying cockroaches = brittan hiding in a makeshift tent made by pulling a blanket over her head and manically tucking it in all around her so nothing can get it.

    you're a brave, brave girl.

  7. get in*

    (i hate catching typos once i've already posted.)

  8. Ah! So I hear you're in the SoCal area. A little birdie (cough cough, LIZ, cough cough) told me and I think we're all gonna try to do a bloggy dinner if you're down! Eee!

    Oh, and I hate bugs. Hate 'em. Squash those things as soon as I see them. But if they're the size of Tinkerbell? Hm...yeesh.

    Damn, you sexy girl!

  9. I'm sorry about your bug problem. I hate bugs!

    Thanks for the sweet words. You were actually one of the blogers that inspired me to start :)

    p.s. Clumsiness is sexy, men love having to help the damsel in distress.

  10. oooh, I love your sexy list! but I hate bugs...not sexy!

    my nickname is bug, which came from junior, which turned to june bug (I don't like those either), which was shortened to just bug.

  11. Happiness IS sexy. And have a blast with super sexy Lady Liz!

  12. I agree, happiness is sexiest. Absolutely.