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Thursday, September 17, 2009

My boyfriend and I just finished watching all five seasons of Six Feet Under. I had been urged to watch this show for years by people I love, but for some reason I dragged my feet. Even when I initially started it, I wasn't sure I could engage with the characters and the plot because it was so intense and had such underlying melancholy.

What exactly was I expecting? Um, hello? It's a show about a family living and working in a funeral home. Not exactly a bouquet of kittens.

What I wasn't expecting was how lovely and flawed and perfectly human the characters were, almost like real family members. This show touched me in ways that most do not and sometimes after finishing an episode, I would tell Jenner that I needed to be alone to cry in the bathroom.

These episodes left me missing my own father (even more), loving my own family (even more) and appreciating the difficult, brave and beautiful journey that is life (even more).

My family and I talk a lot about death... even before my father died. Where do we go after we die? Do we go anywhere? Does everything stop or does it finally begin? Knowing we will all lose each other eventually, what makes the heartbreak of life worth living through?

If you haven't seen this series yet, you have to. Really. It's funny, it's provocative and it makes you think about your life in ways you might not have before.

This scene between David and his deceased father, Nathaniel, is one of my favorite moments of the series. (My very favorite scene is the last few minutes of the last episode. I believe it is - hands down - the most beautiful series ending in the history of television. I can't possibly post that, however, for those of you who haven't seen it yet.)

Nathaniel: You can do anything, you lucky bastard. You're alive. What's a little pain compared to that?

David: It can't be so simple.

Nathaniel: What if it is?

What if it is? I think that question, whether or not it really is as simple as being lucky to be alive, is really the question of the show and, perhaps, the question of our lives.

PS) I have a crush on Nate. Oh, and watching Claire made me go in and have my bangs cut last week and schedule an appointment to return to being a redhead next week.


  1. Ha! I love that watching Claire is making you change your hair. I totally do that too. I love what you have pointed out though: What if it is.

    Such a great sentiment.

    I have to say, the show started to annoy me. There were some good moments but all the drama drama drama got to be too much and I left mid-way through Season 3. I'm not a big TV fan though so my opinion on such things doesn't count for much. :)

  2. I watched it when it was on HBO. Loved it!

  3. I watched it when it was on HBO, and I agree with you - the end of the series is one of THE best I've ever seen. Everytime I hear the song by Sia that plays in those final minutes, I get goosebumps!

  4. Okay, maybe I will have to give this show a shot now that you're singing its praises! I've never really given it much thought before, but now I'm interested!

  5. A few months ago my husband and I watched all the seasons. It is probably in my top five greatest shows of all time! Nate was my favorite too. Wasn't the last sequence crazy, where you see everyones death. It gave me goose bumps, i cried, and I couldn't stop thinking about it for weeks.

    You guys should watch Deadwood and Carnivale, soooo good!

    Have a great weekend girl :)

  6. Nate is so swoony! I love this show so much...one of my favorites ever.

  7. This is officially my next series to rent.

  8. It took me forever to get into this series, but I finally finished watching them all a few months ago and LOVED it! Once I got a little more familiar with the characters I began to see more humor in it. Wasn't their Mom just pure bonkers sometimes!?!

  9. I have never watched it.... I will add this to my list of DVD box sets to rent out!