Little deliveries of love.

Friday, September 4, 2009

This week has been all about the little things.

The other day, I got the sweetest care package from my sister. It was such a lovely surprise and really made my day. It had this incredible "Salty Dog" bar of chocolate, the best (and I mean best) smelling hand lotion and this touching little book.

It's called we carry each other and it so perfectly sums up the relationship between sisters.

(Check out this cool etsy shop for your very own copy.)

Here are my two favorite pages...

Thank you, thank you, sister.

In a little less than a week, I'll be reunited with my family and...
my Seattle. I can't tell you how overjoyed and excited I am.

On Wednesday, my friend Jen had a layover in Las Vegas. It might have only been for an *hour, but I rushed on over to see her, hug her and her sweet little one, Lucia, share a plate of nachos at the airport and just be together. (*I would drive for three hours just to see this girl for ten minutes.)

sad baby. happy baby!
{I want strawberry pajamas, by the way...}

Then I received this in the mail from the one and only, Kristin Funk.

Obviously, I love it!

I think love is almost always found in the little places.

Today, I went to Forever 21 to try on dresses and remind myself that in a mere couple of weeks, I'll have a fancy new job that will allow me to buy a few fancy new little numbers for myself. I was feeling especially hopped up on coffee and, for lack of a better word, sassafrass and decided to document the trip in a few needed photos. Here's one...

Then I thought I should remind you of my little giveaway so that you can take yourself to Forever 21 and get sassy.

I hope you have the best of weekends, my friends!


  1. Look at you, sassy pants! So cute. I love the book and am stoked for you that you get to see your family.

  2. you're so cute.

    i want a salty dog bar!

  3. How sweet, I love sisters. I'm at home (in the bay area) with my family. We are going to my san francisco :)

    Cute picture, you are sassy!

  4. I love you soooooo much... and I will look high and low for some strawberry pjs for you:) Miss you

  5. By the way... Russy LOVES you. He is very discerning and only likes compassionate, sassy, beautiful, funny women named KPB. That's all.

  6. That forever21 pic is one of the most gorgeous I've ever seen of you, babe! Beeeyouteefull!!

  7. the little things are super important.
    "we carry each other"
    i love that, so true.

  8. Oh i love getting things in the actual MAIL. I need that book!! my sister is my bestie and i can't wait to find it. is it weird that every single time i hear journey i think of you? ha. hope your weekend is going well and thanks for the sweet thoughts in regards to my little sick one..via twitter. xoxo

  9. how sweet! nothing is better than a surprise package:)

  10. Awwwwww, I love getting snail mail surprises!!