Makeover Madness.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

{Audrina - Ceiling Eyes - hair}

While working from home this evening, and by working I mean perusing the internet, I became obsessed with and their amazing online makeovers. You upload a photo of yourself and, voila!, you are transformed into a celebrity. You can play around with hair and makeup and when you're done, the site suggests different products to achieve your new look.

There is a rumor flying around my bedroom that I've been playing on this site for approximately three hours, but I am here to tell you that's not true. Okay, I'm lying. It is true. This is so much fun. Jenner, however, is probably getting a little tired of me excitedly yelling out, "Look, baby, it's me with Lindsay Lohan's hair! C'mon, look!!"

Now, I'm telling you. C'mon, look!

{LL hair}

{Lauren Conrad hair}

{Eva Longoria hair}

{Carrie Underwood hair}

{Ashlee Simpson hair - this is actually the color
I'm going for next, but not necessarily the style.}

{Nicole Richie hair}

{Claire Danes hair}

This was waaay too much fun and I stayed up waaay too late doing it. I didn't take the time to upload a new photo with my hair pulled back, but that would be a good idea so you don't see your own hair coming through. Can you imagine how long I would have been fiddling with this if I had? Sheesh...

Lessons learned from my makeover? I'm kinda liking Nicole Richie bangs on my face. Who knew? Oh, and girlfriend needs to wear more makeup. These photos pretty much proved that. You must, you must, you must go here and do this for yourself, but block off a few hours. Trust me, you'll need it.


  1. oh. my. gosh.

    how fun!!!

    you DO look hot with nicole richie bangs! also, you're definitely channeling ashley tisdale in these photos. hot! is it bad that in almost every picture i could tell whose hair you were sporting before i read it?

    i must try.

  2. That looks like a lot of fun! xoxo

  3. I love the bangs! You have to do it.

  4. That looks like fun, I honestly love the Ashlee Simpson hair. You look like a rockstar!

  5. I'm digging the bangs too. : ) Wish I could carry them off.

  6. yeah! nicole's bangs and ashlee's color. pretty!

  7. Ok this is weird but I kinda like Carrie Underwood on you...hmmmm...can you try it kthx! haha


  8. thats crazy! i like the ashlee simpson color on you the best, carrie underwood's style looks fab on you.

  9. how cool!! I love the first pic of you with audrina's hair the best, haha.

  10. How did you scoop me on this??? I've been working on a Taaz post for a few days! Lol. I LOVE that site. Seriously. I can spend hours on it too. Keep an eye out for my makeovers in the next day or so!

    PS> LOVE the Ashley Simpson color on you!

  11. How fun!!. I know those things will suck the time away LOL.. I do love the top brown hair the bangs and the bottom blond.
    Fabulous!! :)