The night I made new friends...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Last weekend, Gabby (hello? gabbyshewrote) and her BFF, John, came into town. Since I've basically been stalking her since the birth of just a small town girl and we officially hit it off on our group blind blog date, we made plans to hang out. Oh, and hang out we did. This last Sunday night was pretty much the equivalent of a first Bachelor one-on-one date. You know, the one where the couple finally hangs out alone after a successful group date? Except this time they bring their gay best friend? No? You don't know what I'm talking about? Well, this is awkward...

{If you know Gabby from her blog, which I know you do, then you know how hilarious she is. She's so funny that I was a little nervous to hang out. I mean, what if she didn't laugh at my jokes? What if there were awkward silences? No worries, folks. This was one fun night and our friendship outside the blogging world has been cemented.}

For weeks, I was looking forward to this night. Maybe I should mention that I'm more of a stay-at-home-in-pajama-pants kinda gal and while I love my nights out on the town, I usually like to plan these out waaaay in advance. Case in point: Last night, I said to Jenner, "I thought you were going out to Lavo." He looked dumbfounded and then said, "Baby, it's 9:30." I was brushing my teeth at the time and looked up surprised, "Really? Huh. I'm tired."

Back to my story... Sunday night was the infamous John's birthday. So, I swung by their hotel (I love how "swung by their hotel" makes it sound as though I didn't get lost several blocks from my house) and took them to my favorite Vegas restaurant, in the new downtown location, Firefly.

Some stuffed dates and alcoholic beverages, not to mention the amazing view of the Fremont Street Experience light show from our table, kicked off the night. We then made our way up and down Fremont Street, ate fried Twinkies, went to the Golden Nugget to ooh and ahh at the shark tank and I played Mom and made them pose for too many photos.

Then we settled into a comfy spot at the Beauty Bar and things got, well, a little more interesting. This is where I realized the dress I was wearing was, at least, two sizes too small.

Wasn't it cute, though? The photo above was only taken after much aggressive bathroom wrangling in the small ten minute window when I didn't have my sweater on. Oh, and the smile on my face? It's only partially because of the freshly ordered drink in my hand. It's mostly because this is one of the few moments of the evening that I'm not profusely sweating thanks to the aforementioned, hateful sweater.

The rest of the night included Jenner joining our posse, secret swapping, laughing fits, political rants, fo realz bonding and cocktails. At one point, I said to Gabby, "Wow, you drink the same drink all night." She responded, "Yeah, I try to stick to one liquor." Long, awkward silence. Then I looked down at the third different concoction of the evening in my hand and said quietly, "Yeah, I usually do that, too. Weird."

The night ended with a walk back down Fremont Street. Well, Gabby and John walked and I... I fell. Now, let me explain. I am clumsy. Period. Not clumsy in an occasional trip kind of way. More like clumsy in a birth defect way. It's true. This fall, however, wasn't my average, non-coordinated slide across pavement. This... this was magnificent. It was the most graceful maneuver I've ever managed to pull off. The only problem is that it wasn't, in any way, intentional. Instead of my usual gawky tumble to the ground, this fall included my arms splayed out in accidental jazz hands and my legs somehow in a perfect stag leap all the way down to the street. And I stayed that way for what I'm pretty sure was at least a couple of minutes. I was mostly in shock, but I was also fully aware that under my sweater, my dress was around my waist. So, I just waited for Gabby and John to notice... and then to stop laughing.

It actually was really funny. While I was down on the ground, I heard the murmurs of nearby people get louder and louder. "Did she do that on purpose?" John later told me he thought I had purposely done the splits. Uh, huh. The only thing missing was me singing out, "And all that jazz!"

It was pretty much the perfect end to the perfect evening. These two are the real deal and I'm so happy to consider them friends. The next day, Jenner asked me why we kept talking into our pretend watches and saying "Whatup, son?". I shrugged and told him it was a long story.


  1. OMGhahahahahaha!!!! I am eating frosted mini wheats (I know, don't judge) and I literally am choking with laughter. SO JEALOUS! I am so happy you guys got to hang out again though!! Bloggy love across the nation last weekend!

    The splits! HAHA! I love that picture of you and John!!
    BOOOOO I want to be cemented! We met once am I cemeted! Do I sound crazy? Do not answer that.

    I'm next! I heard about the food at that place too. Prob puts my mini wheats to shame.
    Love you girl.

  2. yeah i just laughed RULL hard! what i would have given to be there, both for the purpose of meeting you and seeing that graceful swan dive!

  3. how awesome you ladies got to hang out!! Love the pics!

  4. i lol'd. this is a gabby-worthy post (: (and she IS funny)
    glad you had a good time and that you're out there making friends!

    totally new to portland and i'm such a homebody that it's becoming a little defeating. : / i'm working it out though. . . need some blind blog dates. . . but after about 4 awkward emails with no response, i don't see it happening.

  5. It's awesome that you and Gabby took the plunge and got together. I love blogger buddy turned real-life-flesh-and-blood friends stories, and I hope one day I will have one to write about myself!

  6. So fun! I love Gabby. There are so many blog friends that I wish I could hangout with.

  7. Hahahahah! It was just like a Bachelor one on one...will there be chemistry? Will there be awkward silence? Will there be hot tub action?

    I love your recap! And you!

  8. Oh damn. You're so lucky to hang with Gabby. I love her blog so much. :) Now I've found yours!

  9. Aw, I love this! Sounds great, but I'd by lying if I said I wasn't just a teeny bit jealous. :)

  10. i just laughed so hard about the AND ALL THAT JAZZ part. this was a great entry. yay for bloggy friends!