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Monday, September 7, 2009

I'm really excited about this post.

When I was 19, I met someone who changed my life. Her name was Grace and she was 2 years old. She was the funniest, coolest kid. She never brushed her hair and she once told a kid at day care that he was "a punk ass." (I worked at the same day care Grace went to and in her defense, said kid was, well, kind of a punk ass.)

Grace and I were immediate and fast friends. Her mom always told me that we were a sort of soul mates and it was true... and it still is. As she got older, our bond only grew stronger. Pretty soon, we were having "girl party" weekends filled with movies, uncontrollable laughter and as much candy as we could cram in. The last few times we hung out, we went on shopping sprees (and the little messy haired kid who used to scream at me "I WILL NOT WEAR GIRL CLOTHES!" was a hip teen giving me style advice, thank you very much) and stayed up at night talking about boys together.

Grace is now, wait for it..., a sophomore in high school. (Well, she will be in 2 days.) Oh, and I'm 112, but that's neither here nor there.

The other day, I came across these amazing "Marshmallow Gore" photos she took. Grace has been incredibly cool and talented since birth. I have always admired the way in which she walks to the beat of her own drummer. Always has. Even when she was two.

She dreams of someday working in fashion photography and design. If this is what she wants, trust me, she will. Please check out her photos. Oh, and remember the name. Grace Lewis-Mendoza. You'll definitely be hearing it again.

"Marshmallow Gore"

{Oh, and I would post a photo of her - she's breathtakingly gorgeous and hip - but she's underage and some perv might save the picture. Then I would have to kick. some. ass. and I'd probably end up in jail.}


  1. She's so adorably creative! I wish I could meet her! Please say hi to her for me!

  2. oh my gosh... that is the most beautiful, sweet story i have ever heard. what a special bond you guys have... she must really look up to you! so amazing, love her art.

  3. That. is. awesome!
    How clever!

  4. Haha, your funny.
    She seems incredibly creative. Love the pictures.

  5. I love it. What a cool kid. Most of my sisters are in high school right now and I am also 112. I think they keep me young.

  6. That is so sweet! Love her photos!

  7. You've been awarded! :)

  8. dude, what an awesome girl. i love meeting awesome girls. no matter the age there's just a certain type of female that you can meet and instantly feel a cosmic sisterly bond. there must be something really special about grace.

    have you ever seen this?:

    this reminded me of emily. i met her when she came in town for our film festival and she is definitely one of those rad girls.

  9. What a creative and special little girl. You are both lucky to have each other in your lives.