The Artisan.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Every once in a while, my new city really surprises me.

Last night Jenner and I celebrated four months of living together (without killing one another, thank you very much) and, of course, our all around groovy kind of love. We went out for sushi and toasted sakitinis (okay, just me) to the fact that even with all of the adjustments we've had to make and all the hard work we've put into our relationship, neither one of us has ever been happier. It was lovely... and then it got even better.

Jenner suggested we meet up with our friend Rich at a boutique hotel called The Artisan. (He did not use the word boutique, but that's what it is, ladies.) You know when you just walk into a place and feel like you can breathe, feel like this is your kind of place? You do? Oh, good. I just love how much we have in common. The Artisan immediately made me feel just that. Art covers every wall and even some of the ceiling space and you are surrounded by books and more books. It's gorgeous, it's hip, it's lush, it's cozy... it's very Seattle. Jenner took me on a tour of the grounds and the little almost Gothic chapel. Seriously, this place is to die for.

If you've read JASTG for long, you know I have a big thing for fancy hotels, cheap motels and everything in between. (RV park? I'm in.) This is absolutely my new favorite place in Vegas and, honestly, I was almost offended Jenner hadn't taken me here before. (My apologies to The Golden Nugget who previously held the title of "Kathleen's Favorite Place in Vegas.")

So, if you ever come to Sin City to visit me, know that I will make you eat a deep fried Twinkie, I may fall down in the street and we will visit The Artisan. The end.

{Photos via The Artisan}


  1. Oooooh exciting! I want to plan another trip asap just to check that place out! It looks awesome.

  2. Ohhhh Can't wait!
    This place looks F-A-N-C-Y!
    I'll let you know when I'm visiting ;)

  3. It looks amazing. I love boutique hotels!

  4. omg amazing. i love boutique hotels too, they are my most favorite places to visit!

  5. how fun...we are totally going there when I visit one day!

  6. this looks incredible! i wanna go i wanna go i wanna go. maybe one day.

  7. LOVE IT! and yay for 4 non murderous years! love you lovebug.