It's been a long week,
let's dance.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

This was a very long week. Some less than fantastic things happened. None too terribly earth-shattering, luckily, but when combined made my week rather challenging.

First, and you already know this but let's just humor ourselves, I got sick. Really sick.

A couple of other kickers:

Lost my keys (which isn't super out of the ordinary), but never found them (which is pretty out of the ordinary). Yes, my two year old nephew was the last one seen with them, but what kind of a-hole blames a "really, really, ridiculously good looking" two year old? (Thanks for the quote Derek Zoolander.)

Discovered I may be developing migraines.

Dropped my beloved iPhone (again). Last time I dropped it (and shattered the screen), Jenner just threw some tape on it and we called it a day. I know, very chic. This time, however, as my family friend Rob would say, "DEAD." Went and got a new one, but made the decision that if my clumsiness causes me to break this one, I'm not allowed to have another fancy phone. (Wish me luck. Please.)

Missed many, many days of work.

Tried to convince myself I looked good with the whole no shower, high fever look. Failed.

Speaking of failing, I had two sets of friends come into town over the weekend and had to get a big ol' F in the Entertaining Out-of-Town Visitors class on Friday night. Thankfully, Dayquil helped me pull it up a notch and make up for it Saturday and Sunday.

Hoped I didn't have the swine flu if for no other reason than because I'd have to tell people I had the pig flu.

On the up side, my mama was in town. On the down side, she had to eventually leave. I may be 31, but I handled my mom flying back to Washington like an eight year old girl.

So, even though this week threw some doozies at me, let's look at the bright side. Everybody needs a few days to just lounge in bed with ginger ale every once in a while. Right? Right. The keys and the iPhone? Just things. Sure, being sick when my mom was in town wasn't ideal, but - as she pointed out - we did get to spend lots of quality time together because I was confined to her hotel room the entire trip.

Probably most importantly, and let's just be honest here, being sick allows you to watch countless hours of The Hills and The City. (Okay, and maybe the entire season so far of Cougar Town. Maybe.) I even dreamt that I told off the cast of both MTV shows. I kept saying, "No, but what do you do? Stephanie Pratt, for the love of God, what do you do?!"

Thanks to a recent episode of The City, I was introduced to my new favorite song and want to share it here with all of you. When I'm feeling 100% again, this song is going to inspire me to get all dolled up and hit the town dancing. You're invited. You in?

{images via we heart it}


  1. I'm glad you're feeling better! I have a problem with migraines too, so my doc put me on some medication that really really helps, and it's way better than a daily migraine. You may want to look into that.

  2. So glad your week is over and that you're feeling better! I love your positive outlook on everything:) You rock!

  3. blech. sorry you were so sick, kathleen!! i'm glad you're mom was there though. who doesn't want their mom when they're sick?

  4. Awwww lovebug. I'm sorry. I'm glad you're feeling better. Let me know if you need to vent.

    La Roux completes my life right now.

  5. oh what a week, I'm so sorry! so happy to hear that things are turning up!

  6. I handle being without my Mom the same way. That's why I eventually moved back home. Ah ha. Glad to hear you're feeling better. That crap is no joke!

  7. glad you're feeling better, sis.

    the entire la roux album rocks! we've been obsessed with it at our house.

  8. Glad to hear you're feeling better! No more being sick!

  9. Oh, blah. Sorry to hear about all that crap. But you sound more uppity and this is good news!

  10. "No, but what do you do?" ahahahaha! Loved it. I am so glad you're feeling better, my love.

  11. Ooooh child. I feel for you. I'm just post-flu too and it's made everything seem blue and yucky. Glad you're feeling better... up and onward from here!

    Also, that is SUCH a fantastic song. I discovered it on an epic night of dancing with best friends who are now so far away from me, and had forgotten all about it! The second it started all those happy feelings came rushing back. I am 94% positive that putting it on repeat and dancing will completely cure you and make your life better.

  12. I love that print and I kind of need it to hang up in my apartment for a monthly reminder for my husband when Aunt Flo comes to visit.