Sunday hair love.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

We all know and love Liz and her hair over at It's Unbeweavable. (Let's be honest, she's pretty much a blogging superstar.) Well, she has partnered up with Mandizzle and is currently having an a.m.a.z.i.n.g. giveaway. Go check it out. Right now. I'll wait...

Well, you certainly took your time. It's cool. I didn't have anything else to do...

Don't you just love this giveaway? I am all about the headband look. (See photo below for my first foray into this.)

{photo by Aaron Garcia}

However, my band usually scrunches up and makes an unfortunate bouffant. No, not a bumpits kind of bouffant, more like a crazy lady who's storing nuts and berries up there. So, after finishing this post, I think I have to head to Mandizzle's blog and Etsy shop and study how the heck she pulls this off so effortlessly.

Here are some of her items I'm currently coveting.

Who is this Mandizzle? Is she like Jacob on LOST? Why is she so darned perty? These are a few of my questions I'm only now getting to the bottom of. While I'm at it, I may have to email her and custom order something for myself because, let's just keep it real here, just a small town girl has a big ol' head.

Thanks-so-much-for-reading-I'm-now-running-off-to-the-Palms-to-hang-at-the-pool-and-kick-it-with-my-Danny, but... be sure to run on over to Liz's Mandizzle giveaway. Happy Sunday! Xoxo!


  1. i know!! I love her stuff! If I don't win that giveaway there are two things i HAVE to buy!

  2. Those are so pretty!

    My head doesn't like headbands like that though either.. they always slip off and make me look like a crazy lady as well. I wish i knew the secret!

  3. Three cheers for Liz and the Diz!

  4. I want to buy every headband in those pictures, but then i need her beautiful hair as well. There is no way, my hair can do all that kind of prettiness.

    (totally want her hair in a not crazy way).

  5. i can't wear headbands at all, they look so goofy on me, but i really love the second to last one that looks like rope. that is so cool!

  6. I almost peed! Is she like Jacob on Lost?

    OMFG. Marry me?

  7. And thank you lovebug, thank you. :) You DO rock the headbands like no other!

  8. I look like one of the globetrotters when I wear a headband. I think they call him Curly.