Your love is my love.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

As I mentioned yesterday, one of my best friends, Danny, visited me this week. Strangely, he had never been to Vegas before. (It's not that it's totally strange to never have visited Vegas, even though it kind of is, it's just super strange for someone like Danny to never have been.)

The first couple of nights, Danny stayed at the Palms to see Kylie Minogue in concert. (We were both craaazzzy about her in the fifth grade, but while I only now Kylie it up while dancing out at the gay clubs, Danny has carried this torch ever since the "Locomotion.")

We did the usual. (I guess I'm a predictable host.) We went downtown. We ate at Firefly. There were stuffed dates. There were big smiles. There were deep-fried treats. Went to the strip. just a small town girl and her best gay boyfriend from same said small town oohed and ahhed at the lights and grumbled at each other about the constant cigarette smoke. Been there, done that. However, everything is a little more fun with Danny by your side.

Danny took this picture of us and I love it.

It's also pretty freaking fantastic to have your own personal makeup artist for the week. Sigh, I miss that already.

After dinner at the Hard Rock, where exactly should we go? Sometimes unlimited options can feel, well, limiting.

We had a great time together. Even when we drive each other bananas, and we do, he's the most fun person I know. Over the years, we've been through so much with the other by our side. Coming out. Dating unfortunate fellows. Madonna concerts. Poor choices in fashion and hair. Talking to him first after my dad died. Growing up and growing older. Loving and laughing all the way.

Like Whitney sings in our song, my love is his love and I think it really would take an eternity to break us.


  1. Awww your friend Danny seems amazing. Looks like you two had such a great time.

    PS. I LOVEEE Kylie!!!

  2. This 100% reminds me of my best friend (Drew). Same deal, same connection, same craziness. I love it. So glad you guys got to see each other. :)

  3. Love this! Makes me miss my bests... I'm glad you two got to enjoy each other's company! :)

  4. Cutest post ever! I love you guys together! The FLY picture is so cute. This made me miss my bffs too. :(

  5. Danny looks terrific. How awesome that you two are such best buds after all this time! Tell him I say "hi."

  6. awwww, you guys are the cutest!!! so fun, CANT WAIT TO DO VEGAS WITH YOU!

  7. oh you guys are adorable! it makes me miss my best friend so so much. and the picture of you and your boy is gorgeous too :)

  8. oh, awesome. friend and make-up artist in one?! say it isn't so?! but seriously, all three of you? gorgeous.

  9. So so sweet. My heart hurts from missing my bestie now. So great to hear about your fabulous fun filled friend fest!