Topless Vampires
and Classic Rock.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How about that for a post title?

I've taken a few day inadvertent break from blogging only because I didn't really feel like I had much to share. Blogger's block, I guess. However, there's nothing like a bunch of topless vampires shimmying to Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar on Me" to inspire a gal. Right? Right.

My sister Debby came into town this week for an early birthday celebratory trip. This is the third time my big sis has visited since I moved here six months ago. Yep, that pretty much secures her title as best sister ever. You see, Debby loves Las Vegas and I love Debby. What else do I love? Shacking up in her hotel room and taking three bubble baths a day in her suite's jetted jacuzzi tub while watching the Kardashian wedding special on the bathroom's television. (I cried.)

Yes, there have been a few mishaps on this trip. Oh, like the time I got lost in Caesar's Palace for an hour (I'm sorry, but that place is almost too big) and forgot which room I was staying in. Floor after floor, that little key card wouldn't work. Oh, and my sister basically lost a tooth on this trip. Long story, but I did assure her it was just like in the movie The Hangover (which we plan on watching in the room later tonight).

The highlight of the trip? BITE. A topless vampire revue set to rock music. Only in Vegas. Let me explain, my sister is obsessed (sorry Debby, but you know it's true) with vampires. Twilight? Obviously. True Blood? Of course. She has also read countless other vampire series. So, when I learned about BITE, I knew I had to take her to see it for her birthday. Debby was such a good sport. She had no idea where I was taking her, but she was along for the ride. First, we had a lovely Italian dinner and a couple of prerequisite glasses of red wine. Then we were ready. Vampires? Bring it.

This was too much fun. Cheesy? Heck, yeah. Awesome? Definitely. The best part was rocking out to AC/DC with Deb. Those vampires shook us all night long (or at least for 70 minutes) and we loved it.


  1. Sounds awesome!!
    I got teary eyed during the Kardashian wedding episode as well.
    I recently saw the Thunder from Down Under show... cheesy as heck but super fun.

  2. I love vampires too! I would totally go.

  3. That sounds amazingly fun. Good job little sister!

  4. I had THE MOST fun in Sin City when a gf got married on 7/7/07 and we saw this show. I LOVED it!!!

    i dreamted of being one of those dancers for months... okay maybe i still do ;)

    ps. my boss said she cried watching the wedding too. you girls are too cute.

  5. Sounds like too much fun! You need to find a show for us to go to, k?

  6. haha...that sounds like a total blast!!! Hearing this story makes me wish that I had a sis!

  7. OMG, this Vampire show seems like so much fun.
    I'm putting it on my list of shows to see.

  8. We are SO going to this. Those topless vampires are gonna know you by name! haha!

  9. That was so much fun. I keep telling people to imagine a "So You Think You Can Dance" routine done by naughty vampires and choreographed to 80's Rock. Love you bunches K!