A Photo Homage to the Holidays.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm newly back in Vegas and even though I'm really happy to be home (and especially with a very handsome feller), I already miss my family... Homesick heartache aside, however, I had a wonderful holiday and so hope that you all did as well. I've posted some photos from my trip home and can't wait to check out all your blogs and see your holiday pics soon.

Honestly, and yeah I know I'm biased, could the children in my family be ANY cuter?

This year might have been one of my favorite holidays to date. There is just something so special about celebrating with children. They eat up every single second and just roll around in the magic and the love of it all. My favorite moment of my trip home was when my brother-in-law Michael was reading Santa's note to Max and Jude on Christmas morning. In it, Santa thanked them for leaving out cookies and mentioned that Rudolph especially enjoyed the candy cane one. Max's eyes got big and wide and he excitedly yelled, "Dad, Rudolph is real!"

Those seven days were perfect... There was so much love and so much laughter, I almost didn't want it to ever end. I am my nephew Jude's very best friend and he runs to me screaming, "Attie, Attie, Attie!" and melts me. There were boardgames for days and one incredible family talent show where I killed it with my performance of C + C Music Factory's "Everybody Dance Now." I think the fam is still laughing about that one. There were at least a hundred rounds of Rock Band, several dips in the hot tub, talks with my mama and catching up with old friends.

And then, before any of us were ready, it was time to go home. It's these moments, however, no matter how infrequent or how few, that make our lives.

Peace, love and joy to all. Xoxo!

PS) Be sure to check out my nephew Jude saying, "Bye, bye, Attie." Seventeen seconds that break my heart...


  1. AAAH they are SO sweet, my goodness! How do you not just take them all home with you and just... squeeze their adorable cheeks :) !? I am smitten.

  2. how fun, they are darling!!!

    happy new year!

  3. Hello, super adorable kiddies! I love them!!!

  4. Awwwww...oh bug. They are too cute. You're lucky to have them and vice versa. ATTIE.

  5. Aw SO CUTE! Glad you got to enjoy time with them. I have 6 nieces and nephews that I never get to see because they live so far away {sniff!} so I know how special it is when you get to see how they've grown into little people. This year my nieces put out cookies for Santa and sprinkled oats in the lawn for the reindeer. I died!