Bad Blood in the Blogosphere.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

This last week, while perusing the blogs, I noticed some bad mojo out there in blog land. Now, hey, you gotta do on your blog what works for you and I gotta do what works for me. Different strokes, right? No judgment. But... and it's a big but (kinda like mine), there are so many things to get worked up about right now. Ted Kennedy rolling over in his grave (thanks, MA), the horrors in Haiti, this photo of Chris Brown (please don't get me started), etc., etc. AND there are so many incredible causes our little blogging community has gotten behind and supported to make the world just a little better (like this and this).

When we come together, amazing things begin to happen.

My point? I know I had one. (Pardon me, it's early and I haven't had my coffee.) Oh, yeah. Let's save our energy for the things that matter and, above all else, be kind to each other. (Save the drama for your therapist. I know, you thought I'd say Mama.) Because, really, what are we if we aren't good to one another?

{The world can be hard enough without women turning on each other. It's just ugly.}

Have a happy, happy Saturday. You deserve it. Yeah, I'm talking to you.

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  1. Amen! Well said. I haven't experienced any blama (blog drama, get it???), but I definitely needed that kick in the butt myself. I have been stressing about the little things and it does.not.matter. Hope your weekend is awesome!

  2. VEry well said, girl! I totally agree!

  3. I completely agree. Let's all play nice in the sandbox and try to encourage and inspire our fellow bloggers. I love to rant in "real life," but I don't rant on my blog. Seems like that sort of negativity doesn't need to be spread all across the intertubes....

  4. Amen sister. Can't we all just get along?

  5. I could NOT agree with you more.

  6. AGREED! Some of us need to switch from Bitch Flakes to Cheerios or Froot Loops.

  7. Blama! Love it. AND Bitch Flakes? Classic.

    You ladies are the best. I want you guys in my blogging posse.

  8. awww i love that quote. so true.
    i like this post.