The NYE Celebration
{that wouldn't quit}.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Last week, on NYE day, one of my best friends, Katie Lou, flew into town. The last time we were both together in Vegas pretty much changed everything for me and cemented a future move here. So, I knew big things were in store for this trip.

Let's have a little timeline, shall we?


Pick up the lady. Big hug. "Girl, I missed you soo much." Rush around picking up appetizers and bubbly. Arrive back at my place where we meet up with all of our friend, Richie. Rich officially becomes the fourth member of our posse for the very long weekend. Let's try to fit my toaster oven in one of our bags. Yes, Jenner, we really do need the toaster oven. How will we cook all our appetizers? Wait, what time do they close down the strip? 5:00?! Shit. Scramble into the car with all our bags - and the toaster oven, thank you very much. Not so quick stop at liquor store. Arrive at hotel. Check into really nice room that will only sleep two. Make some calls. Move to a much less nice room that is far more party-friendly. Start getting ready, making appetizers, playing music. Bust out of my dress. More friends arrive. A guy named Mike dances solo for hours. Try to take a cab to the Hard Rock, but take a limo instead. They want how much to get into the new nightclub, Vanity? $750 (for five guys and two ladies)? WTF?!? You could feed an African village for that. Let's get outta here. Take a cab to the strip where I celebrated last year. (Yeah, same jacket.) Struggle through more people than you can imagine. Try not to lose friends or boyfriend. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Kisses. Fireworks. Long walk. Rich telling every. single. person. we run into that he believes this will be a good year for them. After about 212 people, "Enough, Rich." Photos. More walking. My feet hurt. Change into the flats I had stored in my bag. More photos. Back to the hotel. More food. More drinks. I need a bubble bath. Can someone please cut me out of my dress?


Oh, my God. Can we get a late checkout? Back home. Unpack the toaster oven. Recover. I've gotta take a nap. Wake up three hours later. I cannot confirm or deny that I woke up in a puddle of my own drool. Katie wants cheese steaks. We go the the Stakeout up the street. Everybody's head hurts. Get ready. Have a friend to actually swap clothes with again. First Friday. The Gypsy Den for art, music and vintage clothes shopping. Fremont Street. The Griffin. Meet up with a friend from home. "Hey, lady! It's so good to see you. Your new boyfriend is one tall drink of water." We're hungry again. Tapas at Firefly. Downtown Cocktail Room. Shots of Tequila. Back at The Griffin to dance to funk. Katie and I perform our old lady dance. Realize it might not just be a performance since my knees actually hurt while dancing. Home.


Sleep the eff in. Go to IHOP. I feel dirty, but this breakfast is soo good. Over to Richie's to use his hot tub. It's not working. Ok, let's go inside and watch Jersey Shore. Gotta go back home and take a nap (I'm on vacation, cut me some slack). All-you-can-eat-sushi with Katie. Start sweating mid-meal and realize I might not be able to pull this off. Take time to to regroup and do some stretching. Finish the meal. Get ready. Wear false eyelashes for the third day in a row. Hope I don't repeat the dress debacle due to eating my body weight in sushi. Go over to Rich's for a pre-funk. Shots. Photos. Realize I'm having the best hair night of my life. Thank the universe I bought that new curling iron. City Center. Eva Longoria's new restaurant for drinks, Beso. The Artisan. The Fireside Lounge. Fake leather jackets for days. Three nights of going out in a row. Oh, my God. I'm tired.


Recover all day. Go see our friend's show, The Fercos Brothers - Untamed Illusions. Oh, look at the baby tiger! The Attitude Dance (this one's for you, Katie). Honestly, how did that tiger turn into a man? Jenner, do you know how they pull off those magic tricks? Say goodbye to Rich. Yayo's Tacos for dinner. Plantains. Bye, Jenner. Check into the new
Rush Tower at The Golden Nugget for the night. "Look how nice our room is, Boo Boo!" Go to the hot tub. Drink two very fancy drinks while floating in said huge hot tub. Decide that this is the life. Come up with plan. If we all saved our therapy money (and this is coming from a therapist) and took ourselves to a nice hotel every Sunday night, think about how great we would start off our week. I'm going to start a campaign for this. Oh, wait, I'm tipsy. Go back to the room. Put on Golden Nugget robes. Soak in the tub. Watch a (terrible) movie. Eat junk food. Fall asleep. Love life.

On Monday, Katie flew back to Seattle. I'm still really sad she's gone, but she helped me start 2010 in the best possible way - with a best friend by my side. This was my favorite NYE to date and so much of that has to do with my friend. Thank you, girl. I love you.

{most all photos via the handsome Jenner}


  1. Great post, Jules Asner!

    Love Jenner's photos, particularly those with Rich making funny faces.
    Tell Katie I'm dead fucking serious. Please note, I'm commenting from my phone, which you and I both understand is the definition of love.

  2. Oh my gosh, I want to go back to bed after reading all of this! I cannot believe you did so much! It sounds amazing.

  3. What a great post! Love all the pictures of all of you sexy people!

  4. Loooove the photos! So glad you had a wonderful time. :)

  5. i agree with Brittan :) you are GORGEOUS!

  6. WOAH!!! I want a nap just reading about all your adventures! Sounds so amazing though!

  7. what a interesting life you have :) loving your blog , its great :) happy new year to you :) !

  8. i heart photos and leather jacket crews.