California Love.

Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm not going to lie, I've named a previous post this same thing. Let's just consider it an ongoing series because - hey - I gotta have me some Tupac playing in the back of my head when I talk about California.

This was a fantastic weekend. Sometimes a gal's just got to hop in the car and head toward water. On Friday late afternoon, a couple of friends and I set off on our little road trip. My co-pilots that came along for the ride are people I'm just getting to know which could potentially make the drive a little awkward. However, when my new friend/backseat passenger pulled out a Ziploc bag full of assorted candy for the ride, I knew it was all going to be good. When my friend Fred exclaimed, "Oh my God, white chocolate Reese's Pieces! I've died and gone to gay heaven", I knew it was all going to be great.

Friday night: A trip to Long Beach's Belmont Shore to meet up with Jasmine. A fantastic pasta dinner. Meet Jasmine's very cool mother and sister in Huntington Beach. Fall in love with Jasmine's mom's dog. Consider putting him in my bag. Decide against it. Slumber party! Late night story swapping. Fun.

Saturday: Morning chat. Drive down PCH toward my twins. "Oh my God, California, you're beautiful." Meet up with Gabby and Liz. Bella - the infamous pooch - hates me. It's a fact. Have Liz immediately make me a screwdriver at noon. It's going to be a good day. Girlie bathroom time. Should I wear a hand band? Those jeans look good on you. Drive to Downtown Disney. Attempt to park. Almost run over a man (luckily he didn't notice). We're the guests of the day! Free parking. Meet up for an intimate blogger love fest. Meet Diana, Carly and - at long last - Ali. Sangria over lunch. Good conversation. Laughter. Hugs. Regroup at Casa de Twins. Liz does my makeup. Consider asking her if she wants to make this thing official and change our facebook statuses to engaged. Decide against it. BIG dinner at P.F. Chang's. Two days later, I'm still full. Meet up with Gabby and crew for a birthday celebration in her honor. That girl is adored by all. Liz and I decide to be grandmothers and go home and put on comfy pants. (In our defense, she is getting over being sick and I am getting under it.) Fall asleep laughing. Slumber party # 2. Sorry I snored.

Sunday: Let's do this. Oh, no. I can't. I've pretty much lost my voice. Must have coffee. Caravan to Long Beach. Trip to the beach. Feet in sand = happy heart. Lunch with Jasmine at La Creperie where it all began. Discuss the merits of Gossip Girl over mimosas and crepes. Hugs. Goodbyes. Back in the car and back to Vegas.

Now, a little photo documentation, shall we?

The weekend was everything I needed it to be. Slumber parties. New friends. Good laughs. Sand. Sun. Love. I can't wait until next time.


  1. Umm, I laughed out loud at the "engaged" FB status part. Your weekend is so amazing that I am ready to pack my bags and leave this frozen tundra in Chicago! So many amazing ladies in one trip! I love it!

  2. haha! that was really cute. and i look like a geek in that photo...i don't mind though. i AM a geek. i had fun with you this weekend! hope you feel better soon!

  3. i can't wait to see you friday...this weekend is going to be so much fun!!!!

  4. Tupac must be playing when driving anywhere in California, always. Great song. Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  5. Oh goodness this makes me miss california. Not long until i return i hope!

  6. Not fair not fair not fair.

    I want to be a love bug on the beach in the warm(ish) weather with all you lovely ladies.
    I'll even take your germs.

  7. Looks and sounds fab!

    And next time, oooooh next will be seeing me! I will be seeing you. It will be glorious.

  8. OH!! what a fun trip!
    I love road trips! always interesting!

  9. Is it possible to have a bad time when visiting California? I think not. What a fun trip you had and I love the Tupac song.

  10. So, so awesome. Tupca knew what he was talking about. Aww and you sound like you had such a fab time with Liz. I bet if you changed the status, she'd accept!

  11. Oh it sounds like you had so much fun! I'm extremely jealous! But now i have tupac stuck in my head, so you know, that makes up for it a little. :)

  12. great pics! Your blog is darling... (:

  13. i am so jealous! i need to get out to the west coast! how fun :)

  14. I love your description of California- TuPac and all!!
    You had an awesome weekend! ;)

  15. Sounds like you had a blast. I hope to be there with you next time.

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