Great Weekends and Good - and Bad - Hair.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

This weekend went by so quickly, but was just exactly what I needed. My boyfriend was out of town and even though I really missed him, I gotta tell you - I love me some "me time" something fierce.

Friday night was all about my friend Autumn (that's right, Autumn Vegas). You see, she broke her leg snowboarding recently and because the poor thing needs a little (or sometimes a lot 0f) extra help, we've been spending a lot of time together. On Friday we had a little slumber party where we watched hours of Weeds and my new favorite, Californication. That girl makes me laugh for days, her dog thinks I'm his aunt and her home has really become my little getaway.

Saturday brought a trip to Sephora where I bought myself two beauty products that are literally changing my life (thanks, Hanako & Liz!). Then I went to the gym where I inadvertently locked my keys in the car and had to agree to give the locksmith my firstborn (or $50). A fantastic dinner date with a coworker and a little gathering over at a new friend's house rounded out the day. (Look at me! Making new friends in Vegas in the new year? Check!)

Sunday was all about the Super Bowl. I'm totally kidding. I love it when the ladies love their sports, but that's never going to be me. What did I do on Sunday? Well, thank you for asking. I spent far longer that I'm willing to admit here playing around on the super-cool, super-great-way-to-lose-hours-of-your-life website, Taaz. I love this site so much, I've blogged about it before here.

You see, I'm cravin' a new look right now and this site is amazing for helping you visualize some of the changes you're considering. So, go ahead and try it yourself. It's too much fun.

Oh, and I deeply apologize for the unfortunate duck pout. I mean, really, is that what you need on your Monday morning? No. If I don't watch out I'm seriously going to end up here. The horror.

So, armed with my Taaz makeover pics, I'm heading to see my hairstylist in the next few weeks. The only question is, how do I tell her that the hair I look best with belongs to Tila Tequila and, ahem, Dana Delaney? Yeah, I don't know either.


  1. The last image looks perfect :)
    Imma check the site in a bit.
    I am hopping from Gabby's blog and would like to be blog friends with you. Have a great week ahead. ✮ ☀..✈

  2. Weeds and Californication are some of my faves, too:)

    And you look stunning in all shades of hair!!! Can't wait to see what you decide!

  3. WEEDS is my fave! oh goodness so fun!

    i love the dark dark hair! its adorable. what a fun site to try on different hair styles. i might just have to check it out!!

    p.s. i love the bangs.. adorable!

  4. I am DEFINITELY going to check out this website.... and quickly become addicted to it.

  5. I totally just wasted 30 glorious minutes trying on new hairstyles on taaz! :) And a weekend full of weeds sounds fantastic!

  6. Sounds like a great boyfriend-break of a weekend!

    And your hair - all of them - are HOTT. Yes, hott. With 2 T's.

  7. Thank you for providing hours of entertainment for me with Taaz. Unfortunately I'm supposed to be working. :/ By the way I agree that the dark, dark color looks awesome on you (although with your skin tone you can hardly go wrong!)

  8. OMG a brunette bug!!!! Bottom left is HOT. Dude we are dying your hair.

    wooooooooooooooot TFFS

  9. Oh, and we have BANISHED the duck face. You know this. heeheeee

  10. i like your blog. i think i'll follow!! and i loved that hair website! i'm going to try it out now!

  11. these are making me laugh and laugh and laugh

    we are going to have so much fun!!!!!!!!!