happy. girl.

Friday, February 26, 2010

I think happiness might be like that proverbial tree in the forest.
If you don't acknowledge it, does it really exist?

So, here I am, acknowledging it. I wasn't raised to believe in happily ever after. I was raised to believe in happiness. One moment and then another.

Do you remember the scene in The Hours where Meryl Streep is talking to her daughter? I can't forget it. She recalls waking up one morning in her twenties and feeling what she thought was the beginning of a lifetime of happiness. “So, this is the beginning of happiness. This is where it starts. And, of course, there will always be more.” Then she laughs and continues, “It never occurred to me it wasn’t the beginning. It was happiness. It was the moment … right then.”

So, perhaps, this - right here - is happiness.

A few reasons for this moment:

Slumber party tonight over at the Autumn Vegas love shack.

My favorite funny girl is coming to town tomorrow with her bff. I see clubs, sushi and gay men in our future and I can't wait.

I'm looking into volunteer opportunities here in my new city. I'm excited to rock babies that need love. (Clubbing and rocking babies in one post? That's how things roll around here.)

I was looking at a photo of my boyfriend yesterday and I thought, "Gosh, he's cute." Swoon.

I'm planning my upcoming birthday party (I'm all about birthdays) and a much needed trip to Seattle.

There was a moment last week when, for the first time since I moved to Vegas nine months ago, I felt like I belonged. And then... it happened again. Two times in one week.

This album is killing me. In the best possible way. I giddily repeat it all day long.

Oh, and I have a super cool giveaway to announce on Monday! Be sure to check back in.

So from my happy moment to yours, I hope glitter falls all around your weekend. Xoxo - Kathleen


  1. i LOVE this. it really is so true, you have to acknowledge it! thanks for posting this, i'm inspired. xox

  2. OMG, I totally just applied to be a baby cuddler!

  3. This was an amazing post and made me so excited about the weekend:)! And Passion Pit is so wonderful!

  4. Have so much fun with Gabby!

    I didn't know you just moved to Vegas - so awesome that you feel at home now. I haven't moved to Singapore yet but wonder how long it will take to get that feeling.

    I Skyped my husband and loved looking at his cute little face.

    Have a lovely weekend dear!

  5. i told Gabby to tell you hello for me! :)

    i love that green scarf on you- like in "confessions of a shopaholic" :)

    the swoon for your boyfriend? i looove that!

  6. Love Seattle. Love that your boyfriend's pic makes you swoon. Love this happy post.

    Also my birthday is coming up in like two weeks. A fellow pisces? Happy, happy joy. :)

  7. Oh it sounds like you've got such a fab weekend planned! I hope your sushi/clubs/gay men night is utterly divine!

    Lots of love www.awonderingstar.com


  8. "I hope glitter falls all around your weekend."

    Me too! It's wonderful when glitter does that.

  9. you're so lovely! your blog is constantly inspiring me to see the glitter in life.

  10. I've been back in Tampa for years and I still feel out of place. Sigh. I'm so happy for you lady!

  11. I need to see The Hours. That sounds exactly how I feel my life is going right now.

  12. Oh my wifey! I must say that I am finally a LOYAL blogger! Yes, my friend I am actually reading! My thoughts: I LOVE you and I hope that those instances you felt you belonged, were with me! Slumber Party was AWESOME! and it was the funnest one since I can remember! I honestly don't know what I would do without you!!!

  13. Well played, my friend xoxoxo