the simple things. {a little list.}

Friday, February 5, 2010

Thanks to the lovely Kimbirdy over at Fill Your Well, I recently discovered that Soul Aperture is (or was?) donating $1 to Doctors Without Borders for every blogger who posts a simple things list. How simple (and amazing) is that? To be perfectly honest, I'm not even sure this $1 offer still stands since I'm a little late to the game, but more than anything this reminds me of the great things we as bloggers can do as a community.

the. simple. things.
{according to me}

- smooching the chubby cheeks of my nephews
- singing my heart out in the car
- warm summer rain
- freshly painted toes
- new dresses on sunny days
- conversations with my mom about life over wine
- making children laugh
- kindness
- Saturday naps
- making new friends and fiercly loving the old
- reading curled up in bed
- music, music and more music
- love letters
- sushi
- travel
- waking up every morning next to the handsome feller I love
- seeing compassion in strangers
- writing
- good hair days
- almond butter
- standing up for what I believe in
- being my father's daughter - even in his absence - always

There you have it, friends. My little simple things.

Remember that you can buy this amazing album for only $7.99 and all of the proceeds will go to helping Haiti. I have it and in my opinion, it's more than worth it simply for this gorgeous cover of this breathtaking song.

Happy, happy weekend!

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  1. i love your simple things list!
    1. sushi! DELISH!
    2. painted toe nails! my fave!
    3. love letters! swoon.
    4. travel! hooray
    i love this post! brightened my day!

  2. Being your father's sweet!

  3. I love your list - perfect combo of fun, food and family. Hope your weekend is just as lovely!

  4. "conversations with my mom about life over wine."
    how beautiful is that? what a lovely list. : )
    i adore it here.

  5. this is a beautiful list, *simply* put.

  6. These are very important simple things. So life is more worthwhile! You have a lovely blog! :-)

  7. This is such an amazing list. Life is beautiful

  8. I'm hoping to knock out a pedi and sushi this weekend. And the dude's laugh...that is one simple thing that will forever make me happy!

  9. great list, and i love that photo! so cute.

  10. I love this list!!! Especially new dresses on sunny days... dream!

  11. what a wonderful list and wonderful cause!

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