Birthdays, Blessings
and New Beginnings.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Well, folks, tomorrow is the big day. My birthday. I love birthdays like nobody's business and, no, not just mine. I love everybody's birthday. It's the perfect day to celebrate yourself and how far you've come.

And, oh man, I've come a long way. Literally. From Seattle to Las Vegas. From graduate school to professional. From long distance relationship to I get to wake up next to his handsome face everyday. From fear to joy.

This year has been an incredible ride.

In my birthday post last year, I wrote this little blurb and I think it pretty much sums up how I feel about birthdays:

What I love most about birthdays is that they afford us the rare opportunity to celebrate ourselves and our growth. One of my best friends recently told me that I'm weird about birthdays. She later apologized for her wording and more than made up for it in her always amazing annual birthday card (although it's really a disservice to call it a card when it reads more like a really funny novel). Along with many, many loving sentiments (including "you have the wit and charm to bring Hugh Grant to his knees"), she wrote, "You always make it so special for me, and everyone else, on my (weird) birthday... Something that actually deserves more recognition than you get for it. I mean, who doesn't want to be celebrated? That is what is so wonderful about you, you want to celebrate everyone." This really touched me.

And you know what? She's right. I do want to celebrate everyone.

What can I say? I heart birthdays. Especially as I get older. In last year's post, I talked a little about age. This week I had a sort of rude awakening about my own growing number and it gave me a lot to think about.

Here's the thing I'm convinced the world - and certainly the beauty industry - doesn't want you to know: Life just gets better. Write it down. Believe it. It's true. I barely even remember my pre-30 birthdays (call it early onset Alzheimer's). Except for 22 in Africa. That one rocked, but I'm digressing. My twenties were fun and messy and emotional, but my thirties are f*cking beautiful. My point? Don't fear getting older. Embrace it... and yourself.

And on a personal note, I am so absolutely giddy about this next week and a half. Today's agenda includes a birthday party at The Golden Nugget. Tomorrow is all about a spa appointment and dinner at the Melting Pot with the handsome boyfriend. On Wednesday, I fly to Seattle and then drive to the beach to hang with my wonderful mama. Weekend in Seattle with family, friends and my adorable nephews. Next week brings a Vegas visit from my best friend and her hubby and then a girl's trip to San Diego with Autumn Vegas.

Have I mentioned that I love March? Especially March in Vegas. It's 70 degrees today.

I'll end this post with a picture of Madonna... and me! (Circa '85, but whatever.) I posted this last week, but I don't think it got enough love. :)

Happy Monday!


  1. Happy Monday Love! I wish we could celebrate your birthday together! Why can't Vegas be right around the corner?

  2. You are beauuuutiful! And happy happy birthday. You have the most wonderful attitude and outlook. I hope your day is amazing!!! xo

  3. Happy birthday dear! Why is it we get so disillusioned with birthdays as we get older? They should be celebrated with much love. So hope you have a great spa day and lovely dinner with the bf love!

  4. You're so pretty! I hope your birthday is wonderful!

  5. Happy Birthday Kathleen! I tried to comment on your birthday post today but it won't open :( I hope it's fabulous!

    ps. 30's are so bad....your body just starts falling apart. Oh, maybe that's just me.

  6. I'll miss you I always do!

    I am dyyying over your hair. HOT BUG.

  7. You are so cool. Seriously.

    Happy HAPPY Birthday!!!

  8. Happy Birthday:) You deserve it lady. Way to embrace each year as a new opportunity. I am oddly excited about my thirties, and you just confirmed why:)

  9. Happy Birthday!! You sound like a lady who knows how to live it up right. I like a birthday month myself - I try to spread it out as long as possible.

    p.s. where did your pop culture post go?? it showed up in my google reader, but doesn't seem to be on my page. I was loving checking out a few new tunes (and finally figuring the name of ones I had heard but had no clue who performed it - oh, that's who MGMT is?).

  10. I meant "your" page, not my page. oh, mondays, you are hard on my brain.

  11. I hope you have a very special birthday! And thank you for imparting that advice about how life keeps getting better...I look forward to what the future can bring.

  12. I just have to say that I love reading your blog. It is always genuine, always sun rays that land on your skin and make you feel all nice and warm inside. Thank you for always putting a smile on my face! Happy birthday! I hope it is all you could wish for and more!!!

  13. I love you're enthusiasm and positive sparkliness Kathleen. It has always inspired me! And, thanks for reminder that life gets better. I totally agree! I'm heading to Maui for the week leading up to my 30th birthday with a couple of fantastic friends and my brother. My attitude about 30 has ranged from Cathy comic despair to total satisfaction with my life. Thanks for keeping me on the sunny side! I hope you have the best birthday yet!

  14. happy birthday lady!! i had so much fun celebrating with you and i can't wait to see your creative way of showing our fun time to your blogger fans (which i am proud to say that i am one). I love reading your blog (especially when you mention me... makes me feel famous)! you bring soo much laughter and joy to my life and i don't know what i would do without you!
    PS: I am sorry to inform you that your astronaut application has been DENIED.

  15. I think I said this already, but that picture is the greatest thing I've ever seen. HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS!