I Heart Pop Culture Tuesdays.
{Gabby's musical heart.}

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Welcome back! No, not just you. Me, too. I am freshly back in Las Vegas with a new lease on life. And what better day to be back then TUESDAY?!

This Tuesday, I asked my blogging soulmate Gabby to stop by and tell us about the music that made her swoon back in the day. (I like to tell people that I stalked Gabby into being my real-life friend, but that's really just to make her uncomfortable. Why? That's what we stalkers do. Don't try stalking her yourself though. She's mine. I kid... Well, sort of.)

Without further adieu, the one and only Gabby...

Well, I am just tickled to be here, at one of my favorite gal's blogs, taking up room and seeing your pretty faces. And on a Tuesday! You know what that means: I Heart Pop Culture Tuesdays! With me! {oh yeah...I'm Gabby from gabby, she wrote...nice to meet ya!}

Kathleen suggested I touch on my fave songs, the music that is ME, and the more I thought about it, the more I liked that idea. Music is so important to us all, right? And certain songs can definitely bring on memories and emotions. So here are just a few songs that I lurve.

Uptown Girl - Billy Joel - I could really put any Billy Joel song here and it'd work. I love him. Just like Kathleen has Huey, I have Billy. I remember my parents listening to his records (yes, actual records) and then watching the video for this song - hello, it's amazing. I saw him in concert a few years ago and although I didn't cry, I was still so excited. {however, he was fresh out of rehab and threw the mic stand and it was awkward.}


Dancin' With Myself - Billy Idol {yes another Billy} - Am I the only one who thinks of the great movie Can't Buy Me Love when I hear this song? When that movie came out, I was six. Being in high school seemed SO cool and faraway and holy moly, they have sex in bathrooms?! Craziness. {for the record, I didn't actually watch this movie when I was six.} So now, forever, this song makes me think of New Year's Eve and the African anteater ritual and chips, dips & dorks. {are you with me? please tell me you are.}

{pre-McDreamy Ronald}

Hungry Eyes - Eric Carmen - The Dirty Dancing soundtrack is a beautiful thing. And this song is one that I can listen to over and over, without fear of it being overplayed. It's just not possible. One look at you and I can't disguise...you know the rest. It's just hot. The end.

{super hungry eyes.}

There you have it... A tiny peek into my musical pop culture brain. Kathleen, you look really pretty today and thanks for having me here!


Oh, thank YOU, Gabby! You are JASTG's first ever guest post. LOVE. This post is exactly why you're my blogging sister. For realz. I couldn't agree with your choices any more. Oh, and "chips, dips and dorks?" I'm so with you.

Thanks for stopping by, friends. Happy Tuesday! Now, tell me, what were your favorite songs growing up?


  1. I love you both! And I love Pop Culture Tuesdays. And I love your choices, Gabby. Best day ever.

    My fave songs growing up???

    "Set On You" by George Harrison - reminds me of listening to this song with the neighborhood kids. Don't know why...

    Anything Hall & Oates or Steve Winwood (Umm, hello, "Valerie", anyone???) - my dad was OBSESSED.

    And this is SUPER random - but I used to perform dance shows with my friends in our basements and we would always have a Survivor song somewhere in the mix:)

  2. Ooh. I think I wanna do Pop Culture Tuesdays too. Uptown Girl is one of those songs that can make me dance ☮.♥.✮ ☀..✈

  3. "Can't Buy Me Love" is still high on my ALL-TIME FAVORITE MOVIES list. LOVE IT.

  4. Oh my gosh Gabby, you included a Dirty Dancing song. Therefore, you are my hero.

  5. LOVED the Dirty Dancing soundtrack - I love "oh loverboy". I probably listened to that over-and-over again on my pink boombox radio/casette player. The La Bamba & Cocktail soundtracks were also popular around the same time.

    Here's some of my nostalgic play list:
    *I Love Rock & Roll - Joan Jett
    *Dress You Up - Madonna
    *Mama's Don't Let Your Boys Grow up to Be Cowboys or On the Road Again - Willie Nelson (old school country in a small town nostalgia)
    *anything Neil Young or CSNY reminds me of my dad - maybe "Southern Cross" especially
    *We're Not Going to Take It - Twisted Sister, heehee!
    *I Think We're Alone Now - Tiffany
    *Near Tear Us Apart - INXS - this song is awesome still! Some friends used it last yr as their wedding song :)

  6. "Chips dips and dorks"

    hahahahaha AMAZING

  7. gosh I love this, hungry eyes.. such a great song and uptown girls about to listen right now!!
    growing up in my house MJ was always playing. always.

  8. I loved dancing with myself {and i did watch can't buy me love when I was six thanks to having a 16 year old sister at the time}! there are SO many other favorites from the good ole 80's. my sister and I shared a room, so even though I was a kid in the 80's, I pretended I was a teenager like her. we were constantly listening to the radio and sang along to every song. good times...

  9. Yesss, Billy Idol is just wonderful! I love that thing he does with his upturned lip so it looks like a bad boy pissed off sneer.
    I listened to Eurythmics constantly growing up and was in love with Annie Lennox's voice. My favorite songs were "Love is a Stranger", "Missionary Man" and "Who's That Girl."
    I also adored the Pet Shop Boys, Level 42, Madonna and Elton John. Great times in music listening on long car rides.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. YAY I love gabby and dirty dancing.

  12. I feel the need to YouTube these and have a dance party for one in my bedroom!

  13. Hungry Eyes....I swoon too ;)

  14. great post! can't buy me love and dirty dancing bring back soo many memories!

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