{My Green Shag Carpet} GIVEAWAY.

Monday, March 1, 2010

This post title might me a little misleading. I'm not actually giving away a green shag carpet, but I do have one and it looks a little something like this:

{image via}

True story.

Don't get me wrong, I love where I live: in the heart of Las Vegas with the handsome feller I love. We are central to everything. (Including a crazy bird lady who lives in front of us, but let's save that for another post.) At the end of the day, however, there are some changes I want to make where I live. Don't we all?

Cue the music...

This is where my little giveaway comes in. The creators of The Knot have brought us The Nest. The Nest has put together an amazing book. I'm giving away the book here on my blog. Following? Great.

I have this book and I LOVE IT. Period. It's, by far, my favorite home design book I've come across. Why? It tells you in little and big ways how you can fab up your home room by room. Where to hang your pictures. How to choose the right living room layout. All of it. You'll love it, trust me.

So - even though I'm not the best rule follower myself - here are the rules for the giveaway.

- This giveaway is a thank you to my readers, so you must be a follower (in some capacity) of just a small town girl to enter. If you're not a follower already, do it now. All the cool kids are doing it. :) Please leave a comment telling me how you follow.

- Blog about this little giveaway, with a link to JASTG, on your blog and get another entry. Be sure to leave an extra comment here with a link to your blog.

- Tweet about it, with a link to JASTG, and leave another comment here letting me know for another entry.

There you have it. Pretty standard, right? You have up to three chances to win, but - let's face it - you're a winner anyway. The giveaway is open until midnight (Pacific Standard Time) on Sunday the 7th. The lucky winner will be chosen by random.org and announced on Monday the 8th.

Oh, and just to make me smile, let me know what's the one thing you want to change in your home? You know, what's your green shag carpet?


  1. i would change my oven. its absolutely horrible! this is a wonderful giveaway!! i'm a follower of course!!
    crossing my fingers!!


  2. I love the knot and the nest! I'd love to read this book! I follow via google reader.

    I'm a senior in college and I live in a residence hall--i can't wait for that to change and to live in my own apartment!

  3. my green shag carpet is my back yard aka the "rock garden" it definitely could use some fixing up :)... I need to read that book so i can finish putting my house together in general!

  4. this book just looks adorable! I already follow you! hehe. I think the only thing about my house that I would change right now, is the spare room. I want to turn it more into a creative office space, but I just dont seem to have the time. I really love my house though! Its definitely is a reflection of me.

    Oh i would realllllly like to win this one! hehe.

    PICK ME!

    tillie xox


  5. I'm in. I would change my bathroom I think. I want a bathtub. I mean, you've seen it so you know I have a bathtub but like one with claw feet. OR wtf it's called.

  6. cute little blog you have here lady... I love to funky up my home all the time, this book would be fun to have! we are renting but if we werent I would love to put in a big groovy tub and soak just about every day. Need some sort of escape after a long day!
    I am putting you in my feed!
    jaquelyn bodeutsch

  7. Oh, I am SO in! I am a proud follower, too:)

    I would LURVE to change my fugly kitchen floor. Our condo is in a "vintage, historic" building and I keep begging my hubby to replace the 1970's floor. Like everyday.

  8. I can't wait to have counters again! Even just a simple thing like space for a drying rack would be awesome. next apartment...

  9. At the moment, I need to spruce up my walls. Meaning I need to take down all the 2009 calendars that are up (my most recent design idea, which was actually pretty fun. Until, you know, 2009 ended). So yeah, I could definitely benefit from this book!

    And I follow through Google Connect.

  10. I'd love to change the colors of my walls maybe...they are some yellow/green right now. :)

    I follow via google friend connect

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

  11. I would love the book! I hate my husband's couches that I inherited via marriage. They are uncomfortable and so ugly! I follow you via google friend connect.

    Brittany E.
    brittanyervinervin86 at yahoo dot com

  12. i follow via blog connect..i think.

    +i would love to change my headboard, into an upholstered one. as well as the paint in the bathrooms and the master bedroom. (we're in the process of building a new home so it's hard to say what i would change until we move in)

    +i just had to say that i LOVE your blog. your blog is, by all means, my favorite to read. i love everything about it! it just rocks.

  13. Cool giveaway! Well I'm still looking for a place in Singapore but my parents have these odd habit of collecting oddities from their travels - like a thermometer from Canada with a color picture and a maple leaf. Odd. Oh the little things I could do to change the decor there!

  14. Oh! I so want in! If I could change up my home... Well I'd change up my house a lot because right now I'm just a college student living with her parents, so everything in the house is set up the way my parents want it (besides my room of course). Everything's kind of Asian-y, lol. I'd open up a lot more of the windows and use natural lighting during the day. My parents are kinda like paranoid shut-ins and so they're always cooped up here. So I'd let this house be a lot more breezier in a sense.

  15. I'd follow you from North Dakota to Iowa, lady!

    I tweeted it!

    And I would change my psycho chihuahua.

  16. Great Giveaway!

    I would love to change our master bathroom - we are in definite need of double sinks!

    Oh, I am a follower through Google reader!

  17. I follow via my google reader.

    Being a renter, there are many things I'd like to change, but it doesn't seem worth the time/$$ investment (i.e. adding more color to the walls - everything's a beige color which is still better than stark white or adding more of a garden outside). Also, our house is pretty new (nice for renting), but I wish it had more old house character.

    On a more realistic note, I want to set up my desk area to make it more fun & better organized. And that IS possible.

  18. OMG, I'm renting an old dingy apartment right now so I can live downtown, so there are so many things I would change! But my green shag carpet is probably my bedroom furniture. It's about 10 years old and just giant and cumbersome. I'd love something more light and delicate.

    And I am a loyal follower via Google friend connect. :D

  19. Follower, of course!
    Hmm, everything in my dorm is pretty shipshape, I guess if I'd change anything, it would be my lack of cooking utensils. Could use a pot and pan and silverware!

  20. Oh Oh Oh, I'm a follower on Twitter and Google Reader! I'm so glad to have found you through Carina. Hooray for paparistas!

  21. I blogged about your giveaway on my blog over at http://handpecked.blogspot.com/2010/03/giveaway-giveaway.html

  22. following on google friend connect, following you on twitter, and my green shag carpet is...my son's sticker habit - all over the house - walls, furniture, floors...

  23. tweet! http://twitter.com/alexandrakeller/status/10012040588

  24. Ohhh, pick me, pick me!!!
    I need to upgrade my kitchen, BAD!!!

  25. Omg I love this!!! I would change the color of my bedreoom its so dull

  26. I tweeted it http://www.twitter.com/pke_her_face... I'm excited

  27. google follower here... my fiance's giant leather couch!

  28. awesome giveaway!!! LOVE this! i'm a follower and i'm also following you on twitter!

    i would want to change the texture of my walls and paint color!!! it's boring, boring!!!

  29. I would change some icky habits of my husband, Monte, my crazy neighbors who talk at my dog walker over the fence at midnight, and would move our favorite blogger, pop culture consultant, James-lover closer to our house.

    xo from Seattle

  30. that looks awesome!! i am def a follower!

  31. I'm alrady a follower! And we are in the process of buying our first home, a 1955 bungalow that is still owned by the ORIGINAL OWNERS - so everything needs to be changed. The last time they painted was the 70s. (I have a set of photos up on Flickr if you are interested: http://www.flickr.com/photos/meli-mello/sets/72157623420352439/). The first thing to go is the bathroom which has carpet on it! Can you say, EW GROSS!

  32. I also tweeted about it AND I wanted to mention that I follow you on Twitter and through my bloglines. :)