My Stage Debut.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

On Monday night, I had one hell of a birthday party. (More on this in an upcoming post.) After the clock struck midnight and it was officially my 7th consecutive 25th birthday, my friends and I all headed down the street to the Beauty Bar for a little karaoke and some (more) drinks.

Now, let me tell you, I have only started singing in front of my friends and family very recently. The first time I ever gave karaoke a whirl, it was eight years ago for my sister's birthday. About ten of us rented out one of those rooms, got ourselves a little liquor license and sang our hearts out until the sun came up. I chose Britney's "Oops I Did It Again" for my karaoke premiere and was fairly confident I would kill it.

I did not, in fact, kill it.

What did I do? Well, I'm still figuring that out all these years later. I went up there and what came out of me was a heavy metal scream set to Britney music. It was like Ozzy Osbourne had taken over my vocal chords, but what I lacked in ability, I made up for in dance moves. It was like I was having an epileptic seizure. I'm fairly sure my friends still haven't recovered. I know I haven't.

Years later, my sister and her husband got their own karaoke machine and then later, of course, Rock Band. Slowly, but surely, I found my voice. Vodka and Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide" helped. I became more comfortable, but I still wasn't ready to sing in front of strangers.

Until Monday night.

Yep, that's right. I mustered up all my courage, instructed my friends to (please, please, please) cheer me on and said what the hell. My friend Adriana - who works at the Beauty Bar and has a beautiful voice - sang backup and without her, I couldn't have done it.

If I do say so myself, we brought the house down to John (Cougar) Mellencamp's "Hurts So Good."

See for yourself...

Now I can't take all the limelight. You see, there is a new boy band in the making. You might think that is a blonde woman (or one of the Village People) singing up on stage with my friend Justin, but - no - that's my boyfriend. (In his defense, it was a costume party and like everything he does, he excels in the art of costume.)

Last, but oh-my-god-not-least, Autumn Vegas and our gorgeous friend Ana got up there and informed us all through song that we give love a bad name. Those two are natural performers. Check it out.

It was one fantastic night that I may or may not have paid for the next day, but you know what? It was worth it.

I felt like a (slightly tone deaf) star and everyone should feel like a star on their birthday.

In other news, Tillie over at the adorable she waits for whispers featured me on her blog (and made the cutest collage I just have to save). Please check it out. Xoxo


  1. You looked totally beautiful kathleen!! :) Glad you liked the little photo collage :)

  2. It looks like this opened Pandora's Box. A star was born, you found your calling :)

    You look as hot as your hot pink tights!!

  3. yup, shes lost it!
    I hate it when she does that!
    haha you've lost that lovin feelin!

  4. It totally doesn't matter how you sound because you look stunning! I love it! Happy Birthday!

  5. I am slacking and way behind on wishing you a Happy Birthday. But my google comments have had PMS lately. (So have I. Go figure.)

    I get massive stage fright when it comes to karaoke. I freeze up. But I love to sing and I love to be the center of attenion.

    Looks like you had an amazing night!

  6. you look so cute! glad you had a good party!

  7. CRAZY FUN!!! love it <3 and you!! can we celebrate your birthday again when you get back from seattle?!?! xoxo

  8. I can't believe Monica's karaoke birthday was that long ago, wowza! That was a great night and that particular Britney performance will not soon be forgotten by this girl. Do you remember the first time we sang karaoke? I'll give you a hint... GHC Health Dept. Long live the nerd herd, my friend.

  9. Sounds like a lot of fun. Love your outfit in the photos, so cute! Happy belated Birthday!

  10. love ittttt!
    and i second with autumn we must continue the celebration for your birthday and where else but San Diego :)

  11. HAHAHA You're so funny. Looks like it was a blast.

  12. You are awesome!! :)Sounds like you had a blast!

    I have only done Karaoke once.. Shoop by Salt n' Pepa! Haha it was crazy. If I ever do it again Don't stop Believin will be my song of choice! Classic.

  13. omg i love it. I'm not so good at karaoke myself, but depending on how many drinks I've had I will bust out some Safety Dance song, and the only thing I can sing pretty damn well is good-bye earl, even though I am not a country fan. I totally would have sang some JCM with you, jealous!!

  14. You look like you had a fantastic time, darling. I could never do karaoke myself, I would be so nervous and all the vodka in the world would not convince me to go up there. Well done on your performance!

  15. this looks like such a fun night.

  16. It's never too early or too late to discover a hidden talent! Glad you had a good time dear!

  17. Thank goodness you documented it with pics!

  18. Yay! Good for you... karaoke in front of strangers is definitely something everyone should do at least once. It looked like you guys rocked! Ow!