Puppy Love.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

There comes a time in every woman's life when a certain clock starts ticking and you have to ask yourself if you're in the right place, if you're with the right partner. Well, friends, it is that time.

I want a puppy.

There, I said it.

Yesterday, I took a client to the pet store (and no, I would never pay for a dog at the pet store when there are so many that need good homes) and I fell in love with this little guy.

I want to name him Elvis. (Or Johnny.)

While I know I'm not quite yet ready to bring home a little bundle of joy and am really not living in the most dog friendly of places at the moment, *the time is coming.

Until then, I have the memory of my love... and, luckily, the photos.

* Do you hear that, Jenner? :)


  1. so adorable!! I'm in the process of possibly getting another pup! Good luck!

  2. I am dying. Adorable. I want a puppy, too!

  3. Aaww, yess! Elvis and Kathleen - it's meant to be!

  4. YES! You deserve a puppy! And oh my, that lil guy is precious!

  5. what a cutie i want a dog so bad too

  6. OMG, I can't. I just can't. I am dying right now. I had a Golden Retriever (her name was Maggie) way back in the day.

    Like I said, dying.

  7. So adorable! I can't wait until I can adopt a puppy either!

  8. Shotty is still a little jealous. I am just sorry he had to see this. He says he can forgive you, it will just take some time :) I am sure he will love Elvis and they will be the best of friends <3

  9. He's the cutest, ya gotta get him!

  10. I love him, so cute. I've been dying for a cat for years but my roomie is allergic. Someday...

  11. I've always said that if I ever get that so-called "motherly instinct," I'll get myself a puppy :)

  12. Bah! I want him too! Actually, the boyfriend and I have been talking about getting a dog and when the right time would be. I think it'll happen in the fall when we move to LA... I hope so!!!

  13. Puppy = Practise Baby

    tick tick tick tick

  14. My hairstylist's name is Elvis. I adore him. Go for it! There's a fur baby out there with your name all over him!

  15. I think I'm in the same place you are. My puppy clock is a-ticking

  16. I left you a little something on my blog. :)

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