I Heart Pop Culture Tuesdays.
{Little Girls, Big Pop Culture Dreams.}

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Little girls have big dreams. Little girls with cable television have BIG pop culture dreams. Most of us were inspired by some of the ladies that graced our small screens. For a little girl in a very little town, television was access to the big world that was beyond my rural county lines.

Yep, it's true. I heart pop culture and I heart television. There, I said it. Growing up, I wanted to be the following five characters.

First up, Samantha Stevens.

First of all, Elizabeth Montgomery is aesthetic perfection. Seriously, could she have been any prettier? Even with two different Darrens for husbands (did they not think we'd notice?), she ruled the Stevens roost with grace. The twitch of that nose killed me with envy and, if I'm being perfectly honest, still does. I continue to hope I will someday discover my inner witch.

Madison in Splash

We didn't have MTV in my little town when I was a kid, but my parents did go ahead, take pity on us and subscribe to Showtime. We recorded the movie Splash and I think I almost wore that poor VHS tape out. I tried to watch it recently, and - I'll tell you the truth - it left something to be desired to my now adult movie viewer. However, at the time, yowza. That movie was it. Period. I am convinced that all little girls wanted to grow up to be mermaids. When swimming, I would lock my legs together and practice swimming with my faux fin.

Mindy McConnell

When I was little, I loved watching Mork & Mindy with my mom. Na-Nu, Na-Nu. That show was straight up hilarious. Remember? No? Maybe you're too young. Order it on Netflix. You can thank me later. Pam Dawber as Mindy was just the sweetest thing.


Did you watch Jem and the Holograms? I watched it religiously and even had the dolls (with the accompanying tapes). A few years back, my friend Danny and I watched several of the episodes together and he and I were both shocked to realize I still knew all the words to all the songs. Isn't the memory a crazy and powerful thing? When trying to think of how to explain this series to those of you unfortunate enough to have never seen the show, I ended up on Wikipedia. Reading about the plot, I realized I could never really do it justice. So, here's how they explained it: "The central secret of the series is that Jem is in fact the alter ego of Jerrica Benton, owner/manager of Starlight Music, who adopts this persona with the help of Synergy, a holographic computer designed to be the ultimate visual entertainer..." Um, ok. Totally wacky and completely awesome. Just look at them. They were stylin'. Oh, and remember Jem/Jerrica's boyfriend, Rio? So dreamy.


Madonna is the only non-character on the list. Well, except that she kind of is. It's true that we didn't have MTV until I was almost seventeen, but (thank you, universe) my babysitter did. Oh, and we had Night Tracks every Friday night on TBS. My eighties ladies, do you remember Night Tracks? I turned to my trusty friend, the VCR, and recorded every Madonna video that aired on those magical Friday nights. The bangle bracelets, the fake mole, the crucifix... I still can't believe my parents let their five year old daughter buy the Like A Virgin cassette tape, but I am eternally grateful. When I was a little girl, I wanted to grow up to be a teacher, marry Huey Lewis, have four children, live in a pink mansion and - in the summers - I planned on touring the country and impersonating Madonna as a character I coined Ladonna. You think I'm kidding, don't you? I wish I was. Just ask Carina. I'm afraid this is 100% true.

So, these were the pop culture dreams of a little version of just a small town girl. When you were young, who did you want to be? I can't wait to hear! Xoxo.

Monday Celeb-spiration.
{Happiness looks good on everyone.}

Monday, April 26, 2010

I am in a particularly giddy mood this afternoon... and it's MONDAY. Shocking, I know. Some of my good mood is, at least in part, due to the gorgeous Vegas weather outside and having spent the morning hanging out with my new little friend. (Yeah, we're pretty much in love. It's only been a week and half, but that fourteen month old and I get each other.) Oh, and this pretty girl is visiting this coming weekend and staying at my favorite place in Vegas, the Golden Nugget. (Three days of hanging out in the pool? Bring. It.) I think part of my mood, however, is because of this Reese Witherspoon picture. I saw it this morning before work and it just made me happy.

The aviators, the tank, the necklaces. The hair. The beer. The smile.

Most of all, it's the joy she's exuding in this photo. Isn't it just contagious?

I think the new look for spring and summer should be happiness. Oh, and fyi, I plan on being covered head to toe in this look.

Happy Monday! For more celebrity-spiration, be sure to check back for tomorrow's "I Heart Pop-Culture Tuesday!" Xoxo!

PS) This isn't the first time Ms. Witherspoon has shown up on the blog for no apparent reason.

I Heart Pop Cutlure Tuesdays.
{The Dating Characters.}

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Welcome to "I Heart Pop Culture Tuesday!" This one is a little bit different, but bare with me. Because Tuesday will soon be over (and we've all gotta watch LOST and Glee - the Madonna episode! - later tonight), let's go right ahead and bring it... The Dating Characters of just a small town girl. No bit players, no cameos. Just the major story lines. (This is the one I hope a few men don't stumble across, but, hey, this is the truth according to me.)

Let's start at the beginning. Shall we? We'll call this first feller Andy. (Not to be confused with a boy who was actually named Andy and changed my life one summer. You can read about him here.)

If you're anywhere near my age bracket, you probably dated someone a little like Travis from Clueless in high school. Am I right or am I right? Some skateboarding nice fellow with long hair. Played the guitar, listened to Nirvana (who didn't?). Seems pretty unassuming, right? Yeah, except this one broke my heart. I was eighteen, he was one of my best friends and to say he hurt me would be a grave understatement. You know the story because, at some point, you lived it. This is an arc in the story of all our lives. We all get our heart broken for the first time, we all learn to protect ourselves from future hurts in ways we didn't even realize from that first lesson in love. Luckily, I got over this - although it took YEARS - and I know you got over yours too. That's the sole job of your first heartbreak - to hurt and to move on.

This next feller we'll call Dan.

I originally copped out and didn't actually use a celebrity photo for this one. I just couldn't find the right one and didn't feel it was necessary to look any longer because this guy took up enough time in my life. I guess if I had to choose, it would be a young surfer Sean Penn - even though Mr. Penn is definitely the doppelganger of my current love, Jenner. I instead went in and chose Gabrielle Reece's husband, Laird Hamilton. My Dan (who was actually never mine) was a surfer, but this character can be many things. A soccer player, the quarterback, etc., etc. He just has to excel in something and have a great head of hair. This character is the one you thought - at least for a while - got away. This is the one you almost dated probably several times, but for one reason, or seven, didn't. It might have been bad timing or perhaps it just wasn't meant to be. Maybe this is the guy who comforted you when your Dad died or maybe that was just me. Whatever your Dan was to you, this is the guy who symbolized something to you for years, the guy who - in the end - wasn't what you were looking for (and vice versa).

This next character will be called Kevin and he had a pivotal role in my dating diaries.

This is the first guy outside of high school that meets your mother. This is your first big relationship. You know, the one you talk about your future children's names with and what kind of wedding you'll have for the first time. This guy is great on paper. Nice and successful and good looking. At first, you are thrilled and practice writing your first name with his last name. You know it's kind of antiquated and sexist, but you don't care. For a long time, you are happy... until you aren't. It takes several months for you to admit to yourself that something is missing and that as much as you care about this nice man, you don't see yourself growing old with him or engaging in philosophical discussions or laughing all night over caramel corn. He's really, really right for someone, but just not you. So you struggle... and, in the end, you break his heart. Why? Not only because it's best for you, but because it's best for him. Someday, he will be just the man that some very lucky woman was always waiting for and so you set him free.

My Kevin and I went through a lot together, including his diagnosis with cancer. This relationship taught me so much about myself, about my life and about what I was looking for and I am eternally grateful. Also, Kevin beat cancer and found the gorgeous girl of his dreams and married her on the beach. Even though I was single when I saw their wedding photos, I knew immediately it was right and was happy... for him and for me.

Okay, this next one still makes me shudder. I wouldn't even mention him, but - hey - everybody has to have their lowest point. We'll call my lowest point Shawn.

Shawn was an asshole. Like Carrie Bradshaw, I only cuss (at least on the blog, in real life I'm kind of a sailor) when I really mean it. Every woman has a Shawn. A man who courted you with flowers and big promises. This guy is often a bartender and sometimes lives with his parents. You're the fool who believes that a 25 year old man who lives with Ma and Pa might actually make you happy. This one is a charmer and in my case a Gemini. (Never trust a Gemini, at least not a male one with a mullet. Promise me that, dear readers.) Excuse me, let me rephrase that. This one is a charmer until he wins you over. Then? Yep. An asshole. This is the guy you will look back on - even immediately after - and wonder if someone had secretly been slipping a narcotic into your water each morning. To add insult to injury, Shawn wore socks with Tevas and I found the worst thing a girl can ever find in the room of the guy you're dating in his... a family sized bottle of LA Looks aqua blue gel (and the year was 2003 for God's sake). This was my own version of Carrie's Burger. Why? He basically broke up with me on a post-it. TWICE.

Here's the thing about this character, though. Everybody has one. This is your bottom line, ladies. Your own personal game of limbo. This person makes you ask yourself just how low will you go. How badly will you let someone treat you? However, this character is an important marker in your life because you will look back and marvel at how far you've gone for something that looked nothing like love. But you were young and you were hopeful and you were stupid like it was your job because, really, it was. Oh, and then you moved on and even though you laughed about it later, you never let yourself fall that low again.

This next character is called Matt and I'm pretty sure we all have one or two in our own story.

This character is almost always older than you, dark, broody and probably some kind of artist. There's something about him that you think is especially cool and smart and you are flattered when you realize the feeling is mutual. Seriously? It's like I'm reading your diary, right? How do I know these things? Because we've all lived slightly different versions of the same story. Here's the thing about Matt. He's fun, he cares about you and was probably once a really good friend of yours. That didn't stop him from stringing you along for years, did it? Sorry, I didn't think so. There is one common denominator in all Matt characters: they have serious issues with commitment. In Matt's defense, he is very honest with you, but you hear what you want to and tell yourself that he'll come around. You also tell yourself you're okay with it and sometimes you are, but deep down you wonder if there could be more. When you verbalize these feelings, he does what he does best, backs away. This little dance probably goes on for years and when it's finally over for good, you are uncharacteristically calm because - deep down - you were waiting for something more.

This next character doesn't have a name. We'll just call him that something more you were waiting for.

I don't want to get too mushy on this one, but this is the character that makes the long road here worth it. My something more happens to look a lot like both of the fellers above (and if you know me, you know I LOVE me some Scott Speedman), but that's just the surface. And even though the surface is incredibly handsome, it's what's inside that made me fall in love with him. This is the person who accepts you and all the little flaws you hid from the people before. This character is your best friend, your partner in crime and your biggest fan. When you ask him if he's cool with you writing this post, he says, "Of course." Your mother, your sister, your best friend, your nephews, and your gay boyfriend all love him. Wherever he is, you think your dad loves him, too. No matter what happens, this character will always be the one who taught you to believe in love, who taught you that the bumpy road here was worth it.

There you have it, friends. My dating characters. These are the ones that got cast in my crazy story of love. Did you ever date any of these characters? Or did you have others? I'd love to hear! Happy Tuesday! Xoxo!

The Return of Mary Poppins...
and other little updates.

Monday, April 19, 2010

I don't know if you know this, but I worked as a nanny - for several fabulous families and only one super crazy one - for over ten years. First, it just seemed like a fun thing to do while in college, but once I graduated with my handy dandy Liberal Arts degree, I found myself wondering exactly what to do with said degree. Anybody with me? Anybody? So, I kept at it because a) I was really good at it, b) I loved it and - let's just be honest - c) the money was better than what I could have made with my degree.

So, after all those years, I have had my hand in helping raise right around fourteen kids. I'm like the octomom without the mom part. Oh, and the thing about me is that once I've nannied for your family, you aren't likely getting rid of me. It's true and, yes, it might sound a little Hand that Rocks the Cradle. You see, I just don't believe in letting little people down and leaving them to wonder where that kooky nanny who invented dinner dancing went. Lucky for me, all the families I've worked for (with the exception of the aforementioned crazy folks) have become like family to me and, let me tell you, I take family very seriously.

Then I up and moved from Seattle to Vegas with my new, sparkly MA in Psychology. Shortly thereafter, I got my first official job in the glamorous mental health field. I thought I had finally kicked my nanny habit once and for all. Then I met this little girl...

Yep, my first official day back as Mary Poppins was today. It's just a part-time side job, but I gotta tell you... This little girl melts my heart and when I'm hanging out with her, I feel a part of myself that I thought I had left behind in Washington.

In other news...

- My family was supposed to come back from Ireland this last Saturday, but then a crazy little volcano erupted in Iceland and all air traffic control hell broke loose. At the earliest, it looks like they'll return a week from today. Stranded in Dublin doesn't sound so bad, but I have to tell you that I really miss talking to them on the phone whenever I want (which is pretty much all the time). I guess even my mother, a woman I have never seen drink a beer in my life, has turned to Guinness.

- Remember when I was working out consistently earlier this year? Honestly, neither do I. I fell off the wagon... and into a giant bin of Cheetos. Well, I decided that enough was enough and called these people. I start on Saturday working out with one of their trainers four days a week. (I'm pretty sure a blog post will have to come out of this if for no other reason than because they want their clients to get a professional "before" photo in a bikini. Needless to say, that one won't be showing up on the ol' blog.)

- I have been diagnosed with a very serious case of puppy fever. At this point, the only known cure is... a puppy. Sorry, Jenner, but it's for my health.

- My best friend just came out with her very own amazing, gorgeous, kick-ass line of cards. You have to check them out here.

- Last, but not least, I want this dress. Oh, and all the other ones at ModCloth, but girlfriend's on a budget.

Happy Monday, friends! Hope to see you here tomorrow for our weekly dose of pop culture. Xoxo!

The thing about forever.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

This is one of those posts that has been waiting in my draft folder for months... five months to be exact. You see, when I started writing it, I had been thinking about grief and how it changes over time, takes different shapes, plays different roles in our lives. Sometimes the grief is closer and sometimes it's farther away. For most of us, the empty space in our heart after someone we loved more than we even realized is gone, is always there. Some days, it's just a part of the melody that is my life... Other days, like the day I started writing this, grief is the only song my heart can sing. In my work as a therapist, a friend and a human being, I've often said that grief will wait for you. It turns out, words will too. I may not have been able to write this five months ago, but the words waited for me.

i dreamt about my father last weekend. more than once, perhaps more than twice. i always know when i've dreamt about him because i wake up feeling as though he was just with me. it's almost as if i can feel him, he's that close... sometimes, when i wake up, there's a few moments, those precious moments between wake and sleep, where i forget that he's gone, that he's been gone for almost nine years now.

after my dad first died, a friend told me that it took her almost ten years to really believe that her mother wasn't coming back after her death. i remember thinking how odd that sounded. in the first moment i learned my dad was gone, i knew he wasn't coming back. intellectually, i knew. i understood instantly the heavy permanency of his absence. however, i have learned over the years what my friend meant.

you see, i've come to realize that the heart doesn't understand the thing about forever.

so, yes, i knew immediately you weren't coming back, dad. what i didn't know, couldn't possibly have known then, was how my heart would struggle with this fact, would come to realize it again and again, as if it were the first time, a million times. forever.

i couldn't have known how your voice and your hands and your laugh and your smell would be imprinted on my heart in such detail that i could almost convince myself that you were just here last year or last week or the day before yesterday.

i couldn't have known that some days your death would come to me in an aching, breathless moment and it would feel like that first day you left us.

i couldn't have known the depth with which i would miss your goodness, your unending love and loyalty.

i couldn't have known then that it would still hurt this much to write these words at 2am on a thursday in april nine years later.

I Heart Pop Culture Tuesday.
{Liz's I Want Her Hair Edition.}

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hey, everybody. Welcome back to JASTG's "I Heart Pop Culture Tuesday!" This week I asked everybody's favorite hair expert (and my real life bug), Liz, to take the reigns. Because this edition is all about hair, I thought it was only appropriate to use a photo of Liz and I with some beautifully coiffed facial hair. Without further adieu, I'll hand you over to Liz...

Hi! I'm Liz from It's Unbeweavable! and I was honored when my girl/bug asked me to guest post for her...and even more excited when she asked me to do Pop Culture Tuesday (I Want Her Hair Edition). I am passionate about many things-animal rights, the environment, and hair being at the top of my list. I am constantly changing my hair, and always find myself coming back to the same women for hair-spiration.

Jennifer Aniston
I'm not taking a trip down memory lane approach with this PCT, however it would be blasphemous to not include the "Rachel", right? How many of you brought a picture of this hairstyle to your stylists and demanded it? I know I did, and I also know I ended up looking nothing like Jen, but that's neither here nor there. This particular hairstyle is the Farrah Fawcett of our/my generation.

Taylor Jacobson
Oh, Tay. If you've read my blog, like ever, you know that I coveted her hair for a good 4 months. I was a woman obsessed. Then that rude jerk reality slapped me across the face with the following-1. I am a brunette. As in, "Wait, Liz, is your hair black or brown I can't tell because IT'S SO DARK" 2. I am not a millionaire. Shocking, I know. 3. My hair is healthy. Let's put it all together, shall we? To achieve the basically white hair Taylor has would require me to bathe in bleach for hours, which would guarantee my hair's health would be a thing of the past, and I would have to get root touch ups every TWO WEEKS=I'd be living in a cardboard box with no internet (shudders), but the platinum hair of my dreams. So, pass. Also? The bangs. I think they are super cute in an "I don't give an EFF" kind of way, but I enjoy being able to see. When you can see, you're able to, you know, walk around, and drive and function. I just don't think I want to live life behind an angsty blonde curtain. (For the record-should I, 1. Become a millionaire or 2. Become bff with a stylist I trust to do this, you better believe I'll be platinum and layered, stumbling around because I can't see without a doubt.)

Nicole Richie
Girl can do NO wrong in my eyes. I love how versatile she is-she can pull off black and blonde, long and short-when she chopped her hair into a "LOB" (Long Bob), I died. And then revived myself and promptly went asking for this cut as well. Here's the thing. Unless your hair is stick straight, it takes a lot of work to get it to look right everyday. But I loved it so.

Zooey Deschanel
I have a love/hate relationship with bangs. Process is as follows-see picture's like this and remember why I must.get.my.bangs.back or I may perish. Get bangs cut. Love them for 4 days. I am cool girl with bangs again. Remember how much extra effort bangs take. Constantly find myself pinning them back during workouts, hot days, lazy days. Decide to grow them out and "bangs just aren't for me." 3 months go by and find saved picture (ok fine, the FOLDER of Zooey Deschanel images I have saved because I stalk her) and decide I.must.get.my.bangs.back or I may perish. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I'm sure you're like, um what? Backstory/more you ever cared to know about Liz. I am half Colombian. Daddy came to the US of A when he was 13. I have a crazy Colombian grandmother who scares the living hell out of me but makes a mean chicken and rice, so it evens out. OH, and her coconut rice makes up for her insanity too. Yum. Anyways, Shakira is Colombian. I'm not sure if you know, but there aren't a ton of positive things coming out of Colombia. We're known for some, ummm other things. So, I'm proud of her. We used to call these kind of curls, "crunchy hair"...achieved by mixing copious amount of gel and mousse in your palms and scrunching, scrunching, scrunching. This was my go-to style when I was too lazy to straighten, and before I was "unbeweavable." Fun fact-my hair is REALLY curly, naturally...and it's oddly comforting to know I can always just scrunch it and run out the door, if I must.

Victoria Beckham
Her bob is just glorious, isn't it? I have neither the face, hair texture, nor the patience/live in hairstylist for this, but isn't it sexy as hell?

Lauren Conrad
I'm bringing the pop culture, people, don't judge! Ok, SO. "LC" and I go way back. Not really, unless you count me still watching the first seasons of Laguna Beach whenever possible. She was the first person who's hair and style seemed like something I would actually wear-and I also brought in some of her pictures the first time I got extensions. Then she started doing the lil braid-I actually totally remember this scene out of The Hills when she first wore it because I'm cool like that and have way too much time on my hands, but I digress. The braid is also perfect when you're growing out your bangs before you chop them off again!

Rachel Bilson and Leighton Meester
This is a safe place, right? I love Rachel and Leighton. I mean, LOVE. Go-to inspiration girls always. So you it shouldn't come as a surprise that when I get hair antsy (a medical term, I'm sure) and want to change my hair, like NOW-I stalk the sh*t out of these ladies. Right now, I'm leaning towards a little red and keeping the length, with an option to go big like Leighton or sleek like Rach. Can I call you, that, Rach? They never look like they're try too hard, and effortless chic is just something that alludes me. One day, one day. Although I'm unsure if writing about my desire to be "effortless" is an oxymoron? Or just ridiculous? Whatever, look pretty hair.

Who Are YOUR hair-spirations?

The Price of Beauty.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Hey, friends. Happy, happy Friday!

I've been a somewhat inconsistent blogger as of late (except for my new love, "I Heart Pop Culture Tuesdays!") and I'm hoping to hop back into my regular blogging schedule next week (both writing here on JASTG and visiting all of your gorgeous blogs). You see, I've been just a little down in the dumps this past week. Work has been stressful, my family is gallivanting around Ireland right now without me, etc. Today, however, is gorgeous. The sun is out, the pool is calling, I'm hanging with my Vegas soul mate, Autumn Vegas. I'm planning a trip to Cali in July to see Kings of Leon with this lovely lady and working on making some exciting changes in my life. Things are looking up.

Have you guys seen Jessica Simpson's new VH1 show, "The Price of Beauty?" I've only caught an episode here and there and even though Jessica can be grating (although I totally wish her bff Ken was my friend), I think it's a really interesting premise for a show. I especially liked the episode where Jessica and crew visit a fattening hut in Uganda. It's there that they meet women in the Hima tribe who subscribe to the belief that women are more attractive the larger they are.

Isn't that wild? I think it's so interesting to learn about the values and beliefs in different cultures. It's easy to forget that the backasswards (did I say that?) standards we hold women to in this country are not necessarily the norm around the world.

As some of you know, I was lucky enough to spend four months in Namibia and South Africa when I was in college. It was, hands down, the most rewarding and transformative experience of my life. While there, I got to spend some time living in a rural village with the Herero people. These amazing people are farmers who measure their wealth in cattle. The role of cattle is of such importance that the women's dress is inspired by the animal. The photo above is of a friend and me in traditional Herero garb. Check out the hat. It's meant to resemble the horns of a cow.

Even in the heat of the African desert, the women wear these heavy dresses over multiple petticoats. Let me tell you, it was crazy hot. (Oh, and don't even get me started on the bugs that would hide out on top of those hats.) There you have it, though. The price of beauty.

Isn't the world an infinitely interesting place?

And on a completely unrelated (but still beautiful) note, did you watch the new trailer for SATC 2? The return of Aidan, people. I'm dying. If you're a fan, and I know you are, be sure to check it out. Oh, and have the happiest of weekends!

I Heart Pop Culture Tuesdays.
{Celebrity Dream Bffs.}

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Welcome to this week's "I Heart Pop Culture Tuesday!" On the agenda this week is the big question... Who is your dream celebrity bff? (It's only hard hitting news around these parts, folks.) A lot of people were gracious (and did I mention fun?) enough to play along, so we have a lot of celebrity friends to cover. Let's get right started.

Big surprise... I went a little overboard with my list. In no particular order, here are my celeb dream friends.

Jennifer Garner

This one feels like a no-brainer. I love Jennifer. She seems so sweet and fun and like she'd always have your back. Also - I love a gal who runs around town sans makeup. If you have to be done up to leave your house, you may not be just a small town girl bff material. I'm sorry. Oh, and last but not least, Jennifer used to be a band geek who played the saxophone. Let's just say, ahem, I have some things in common with her. (Eight years on the alto sax over here. Nothing says sexy like braces and the pep band, right?)

Jennifer Aniston

Duh. After this post, I may have to put myself on a Jennifer diet. She has been referenced on this blog more times than my mother. Honestly, though, she just screams best friend. First of all, she named one of her dogs after Dolly Parton and if that doesn't make her a bff contender, what does? Also, I feel like we could sit on the beach (preferably in Mexico) in our straw fedoras and aviator sunglasses drinking margaritas and talking about life for hours.

Tracy Morgan

3 words: World's. Funniest. Man. I could quote his character, Tracy Jordan, on 30 Rock all damned day. He never fails to have me rollin'.

Richard Simmons

I love him. Always have, always will. The way he cries with those people trying to lose 300+ pounds makes me cry right along with him. I love his enthusiasm, his heart and, god damn it, his style. There's nobody like Richard. We could sweat to the oldies and laugh for days.

Natalie Maines

Outside of Dolly and Johnny Cash, I'm not a big country fan. However, after I watched the Dixie Chicks take on George W. in Shut up and Sing, I was a big fan of the chicks and especially of Natalie. She's smart and sassy and opinionated. Just the way I like my women. :)

Moving on... I asked some blogging and non-blogging friends who would be their celeb best friend pick and got a lot of different, fun answers. Without further adieu, I present the Pop Culture Posse and their picks.

My real life best friend, Carina, chose Lady Gaga and Jack Black. (Autumn Vegas also chose Mr. Black. No wonder she's my closest friend in Vegas.)

Carina claims that she'd love to be friends with Gaga to see what's underneath the persona. I second that. Good one, babe.

The bff also thinks it would be cool to be friends with Jack Black because he would likely end up writing a (hilarious) song about her and who wouldn't love that?

Carina's hubby, Brian, picked himself two potential best friends, as well. Michael Cera and Seth Rogen.

These are AWESOME picks that really need no explanation.

My bug, Liz, ordered up herself some Nicole Richie and Katy Perry.

Liz's reasoning behind her picks? "Nicole Richie because I like when she hacks into other people's Twitter accounts and Katy Perry because b*tch looks like she has fun." LOVES it.

Then I had to get at Gabby. She chose three would-be friends.

The one and only Gabby chose Ina Garten so she can invite Gabs to her house to eat, SJP to go shopping with and Johnny Weir because, let's face it, Gabby understands the love between a gay man and a woman.

Ali over at Through the Looking Glass chose Sofia Coppola.

In Ali's words, "because she's brilliant, her family is not only in show business but WINE making and she would totes give me the SC Louis Vuitton bag and let me borrow her clothes." I adore a girl with a thought out answer. Have I told you that, Ali?

Diana chose Natalie Portman because she's always wearing converse and jeans. "So down to Earth!" I like that answer, I like Natalie and I really like Diana.

My other girl Ali over at The Way I See It said it was a tossup between Jennifer Aniston (due to my JA diet, I cannot post another picture of this blog's favorite celebrity) and Kate Winslet.

Ali said it perfectly, "One is incredibly talented and classy and the other loves wine and seems loyal to a fault." Yowza, that's a tough one.

The sweet Kimbirdy chose Zooey Deschanal.

To be honest, I can't believe more people didn't choose Zooey because, c'mon, I think we all want to be friends with her. According to Kim, "I just think we would have such a great time thrift store shopping, baking muffins, riding bikes, and making music together - pretty much all the things I love to do in real life. Only with Zooey, we could add the exciting benefit or girl talk!"

"So be honest, Zooey, who's a better kisser: Ben, Jim, Will, Joseph?... It was Will, wasn't it? Don't lie now..." Um, I ADORE this answer!

One of my favorite funny-funny-funny blogs is Oughtta Say No. If you haven't checked it out, please be sure to. You won't regret it. She's hilarious. Her pick for celeb friends? Scarlett Johansen and everybody's favorite trainwreck, Lindsay Lohan.

Now she admits LL is a hot mess, but Oughta Say No wants to be her enabler because, in her words, "I like to save people." Oh, and Scarlett? "I like her style and everyone will stare at her boobs instead of mine." I told you she was funny.

My friend Fred chose Kathy Griffin.

When I asked Fred why, he looked at me like I was developmentally delayed and said, "Who the hell doesn't want to be friends with her?" Fair enough, Fred. Fair enough.

Meghan came up with her answer in no time flat. Chelsea Handler.

Her words: "Who wouldn't want to be friends with someone who grabs life by the bottles of Belvedere? AND she isn't afraid to speak her mind. SOMEONE needs to tell John Mayer he's the devil's spawn." Girl, I love your passion.

Lilu took time away from jury duty to give me her answer. Sarah Chalke.

You know Lilu had something good to say. "Because she stole my awkward and gave it both cuteness AND celebrity. Whore. ;-) "

The lovely Kinsey Michaels chose everbody's style crush, Rachel Bilson.

Kinsey loves Rachel's style and feels like her new bff would encourage her to keep taking fashion risks.

Lesli picked Juliette Lewis. Oh, yeah.

Oh, and you gotta love her answer: "... because she's got epic style and she can be a sweetie or a bitch just like me. Our overly sarcastic comments would mesh well together." Hey, Lesli, I had a dream recently about Juliette and in it, she was an awesome friend!

I didn't ask my boyfriend, Jenner, who his pick was. Instead, I chose for him. Lance Armstrong.

They could ride bikes together and go on runs. I think it would be a perfect bromance. Oh, and this pick isn't just for Jenner. You see, when Lance came over to our place for dinner, I could ask him what the real deal was with Sheryl Crow. I really thought that one would last.

Alrighty, folks. There you have it. This week's edition of "I Heart Pop Culture Tuesdays." Thanks to everybody who helped out. If there are any of you out there who would like to be part of the Pop Culture Posse I turn to in future posts, be sure to let me know.

Before you go, tell me, who would you choose as your celebrity bff? Happy Tuesday!