I Heart Pop Culture Tuesdays.
{Celebrity Dream Bffs.}

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Welcome to this week's "I Heart Pop Culture Tuesday!" On the agenda this week is the big question... Who is your dream celebrity bff? (It's only hard hitting news around these parts, folks.) A lot of people were gracious (and did I mention fun?) enough to play along, so we have a lot of celebrity friends to cover. Let's get right started.

Big surprise... I went a little overboard with my list. In no particular order, here are my celeb dream friends.

Jennifer Garner

This one feels like a no-brainer. I love Jennifer. She seems so sweet and fun and like she'd always have your back. Also - I love a gal who runs around town sans makeup. If you have to be done up to leave your house, you may not be just a small town girl bff material. I'm sorry. Oh, and last but not least, Jennifer used to be a band geek who played the saxophone. Let's just say, ahem, I have some things in common with her. (Eight years on the alto sax over here. Nothing says sexy like braces and the pep band, right?)

Jennifer Aniston

Duh. After this post, I may have to put myself on a Jennifer diet. She has been referenced on this blog more times than my mother. Honestly, though, she just screams best friend. First of all, she named one of her dogs after Dolly Parton and if that doesn't make her a bff contender, what does? Also, I feel like we could sit on the beach (preferably in Mexico) in our straw fedoras and aviator sunglasses drinking margaritas and talking about life for hours.

Tracy Morgan

3 words: World's. Funniest. Man. I could quote his character, Tracy Jordan, on 30 Rock all damned day. He never fails to have me rollin'.

Richard Simmons

I love him. Always have, always will. The way he cries with those people trying to lose 300+ pounds makes me cry right along with him. I love his enthusiasm, his heart and, god damn it, his style. There's nobody like Richard. We could sweat to the oldies and laugh for days.

Natalie Maines

Outside of Dolly and Johnny Cash, I'm not a big country fan. However, after I watched the Dixie Chicks take on George W. in Shut up and Sing, I was a big fan of the chicks and especially of Natalie. She's smart and sassy and opinionated. Just the way I like my women. :)

Moving on... I asked some blogging and non-blogging friends who would be their celeb best friend pick and got a lot of different, fun answers. Without further adieu, I present the Pop Culture Posse and their picks.

My real life best friend, Carina, chose Lady Gaga and Jack Black. (Autumn Vegas also chose Mr. Black. No wonder she's my closest friend in Vegas.)

Carina claims that she'd love to be friends with Gaga to see what's underneath the persona. I second that. Good one, babe.

The bff also thinks it would be cool to be friends with Jack Black because he would likely end up writing a (hilarious) song about her and who wouldn't love that?

Carina's hubby, Brian, picked himself two potential best friends, as well. Michael Cera and Seth Rogen.

These are AWESOME picks that really need no explanation.

My bug, Liz, ordered up herself some Nicole Richie and Katy Perry.

Liz's reasoning behind her picks? "Nicole Richie because I like when she hacks into other people's Twitter accounts and Katy Perry because b*tch looks like she has fun." LOVES it.

Then I had to get at Gabby. She chose three would-be friends.

The one and only Gabby chose Ina Garten so she can invite Gabs to her house to eat, SJP to go shopping with and Johnny Weir because, let's face it, Gabby understands the love between a gay man and a woman.

Ali over at Through the Looking Glass chose Sofia Coppola.

In Ali's words, "because she's brilliant, her family is not only in show business but WINE making and she would totes give me the SC Louis Vuitton bag and let me borrow her clothes." I adore a girl with a thought out answer. Have I told you that, Ali?

Diana chose Natalie Portman because she's always wearing converse and jeans. "So down to Earth!" I like that answer, I like Natalie and I really like Diana.

My other girl Ali over at The Way I See It said it was a tossup between Jennifer Aniston (due to my JA diet, I cannot post another picture of this blog's favorite celebrity) and Kate Winslet.

Ali said it perfectly, "One is incredibly talented and classy and the other loves wine and seems loyal to a fault." Yowza, that's a tough one.

The sweet Kimbirdy chose Zooey Deschanal.

To be honest, I can't believe more people didn't choose Zooey because, c'mon, I think we all want to be friends with her. According to Kim, "I just think we would have such a great time thrift store shopping, baking muffins, riding bikes, and making music together - pretty much all the things I love to do in real life. Only with Zooey, we could add the exciting benefit or girl talk!"

"So be honest, Zooey, who's a better kisser: Ben, Jim, Will, Joseph?... It was Will, wasn't it? Don't lie now..." Um, I ADORE this answer!

One of my favorite funny-funny-funny blogs is Oughtta Say No. If you haven't checked it out, please be sure to. You won't regret it. She's hilarious. Her pick for celeb friends? Scarlett Johansen and everybody's favorite trainwreck, Lindsay Lohan.

Now she admits LL is a hot mess, but Oughta Say No wants to be her enabler because, in her words, "I like to save people." Oh, and Scarlett? "I like her style and everyone will stare at her boobs instead of mine." I told you she was funny.

My friend Fred chose Kathy Griffin.

When I asked Fred why, he looked at me like I was developmentally delayed and said, "Who the hell doesn't want to be friends with her?" Fair enough, Fred. Fair enough.

Meghan came up with her answer in no time flat. Chelsea Handler.

Her words: "Who wouldn't want to be friends with someone who grabs life by the bottles of Belvedere? AND she isn't afraid to speak her mind. SOMEONE needs to tell John Mayer he's the devil's spawn." Girl, I love your passion.

Lilu took time away from jury duty to give me her answer. Sarah Chalke.

You know Lilu had something good to say. "Because she stole my awkward and gave it both cuteness AND celebrity. Whore. ;-) "

The lovely Kinsey Michaels chose everbody's style crush, Rachel Bilson.

Kinsey loves Rachel's style and feels like her new bff would encourage her to keep taking fashion risks.

Lesli picked Juliette Lewis. Oh, yeah.

Oh, and you gotta love her answer: "... because she's got epic style and she can be a sweetie or a bitch just like me. Our overly sarcastic comments would mesh well together." Hey, Lesli, I had a dream recently about Juliette and in it, she was an awesome friend!

I didn't ask my boyfriend, Jenner, who his pick was. Instead, I chose for him. Lance Armstrong.

They could ride bikes together and go on runs. I think it would be a perfect bromance. Oh, and this pick isn't just for Jenner. You see, when Lance came over to our place for dinner, I could ask him what the real deal was with Sheryl Crow. I really thought that one would last.

Alrighty, folks. There you have it. This week's edition of "I Heart Pop Culture Tuesdays." Thanks to everybody who helped out. If there are any of you out there who would like to be part of the Pop Culture Posse I turn to in future posts, be sure to let me know.

Before you go, tell me, who would you choose as your celebrity bff? Happy Tuesday!


  1. As I kept scrolling down, I keep thinking, OF COURSE, HOW COULD I FORGET HIM/HER??

    One day when you publish your bestseller you'll invite all these people to your parties and prove this post true (or maybe wrong!) :)

  2. these are so much fun!!! thanks for letting me play!!!

  3. Wow. Amazing list. And how could I forget SJP? I amend mine, just a tad...and add Carrie Bradshaw to the list. But does she count? Fake celeb. Oh boy, too many to count!!

  4. This is so fun, love your list! My personal picks would have to be Gwen Stefani, Isla Fisher, Kate Hudsen and Zooey. Love them all! <3

  5. Ah! My list could go on forever! Thanks for inviting me to play along. When you do the boyfriend version I'm picking Seth Rogan because even if he's not totally hot, his personality is a win. I'd also like to add Katherine Heigl to my bff list...and Maggie Gyllenhaal...ok shutting up now. Good post :)

  6. Oh of course! Jack Black and Michael Cera! Those two would make great make-you-laugh-in-good-times-and-bad friends. I'll add Jason Segel to that list while I'm at it. This was such a fun post lady!

  7. Chelsea Handler came to mind immediately... I adore her personality, her honesty and her love for vodka.
    I also think Kate Hudson, because I love her laid-back bohemian/hippy style.

  8. I think Carrie Bradshaw or ScarJo would be fabulous BFF's!! Great post ;-> XOXO Amy

  9. Jessica Alba for sure. I just watched her on Extreme Makeover Home Edition and now I'm completely in love with her. She's so sweet!

  10. This was absofreakinlutely hilarious! Thanks so much for the shout out.

    I had some girl crushes in common with the other ladies.

  11. awee this is so sweet! I loved this post! I think my celebrity BFF would have to be EVA LONGORIA. Shes beautiful and talented but also super down to earth and philanthropic!

  12. I had the same reaction as Diana - I was like, "OMG, totally forgot about her!" I would definitely add Tori Spelling. She isn't afraid to fart on TV:)

    Awesome post, as usual!

  13. i love drew barrymore she just seems like your go to kind of girl who's down to earth and will always be there no matter what!

  14. Kat Dennings! She was in 40 Year Old Virgin and Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist. She is really funny and has a great blog where we both have in common a mutual listening love for David Bowie and a very big need to date Viggo Mortensen. She's really rad!

  15. Sophia Bush! She was sucha great friend to Brittany Snow when Brittany was going through a rough time. Also, it seems like Sophia has a strong head on her shoulders...I'd love that in a friend!

  16. LiLu summed up exactly why I also like Sarah Chalke.

    Totally with you on Jennifer Garner and Aniston - I think they'd be great friends to have!

  17. Ummmm, so we've got a problem. SJP, Jen A., Nicole Rich, R. Bil and Zooey are all in my posse. I'm not sure I wanna share.

  18. definitely jennifer aniston, michael c. hall, john krasinksi, seth rogen, sarah jessica parker, and jenny lewis :)

  19. ps: i mentioned you in my newest blog!

  20. LOVES me some Jack Black and SJP!!! Carina had a good reason for choosing my BFF Jack, I want a funny song made about me!!

  21. BAHAHAHA Richard Simmons makes me laugh, he's so CUTE!!

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