The Price of Beauty.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Hey, friends. Happy, happy Friday!

I've been a somewhat inconsistent blogger as of late (except for my new love, "I Heart Pop Culture Tuesdays!") and I'm hoping to hop back into my regular blogging schedule next week (both writing here on JASTG and visiting all of your gorgeous blogs). You see, I've been just a little down in the dumps this past week. Work has been stressful, my family is gallivanting around Ireland right now without me, etc. Today, however, is gorgeous. The sun is out, the pool is calling, I'm hanging with my Vegas soul mate, Autumn Vegas. I'm planning a trip to Cali in July to see Kings of Leon with this lovely lady and working on making some exciting changes in my life. Things are looking up.

Have you guys seen Jessica Simpson's new VH1 show, "The Price of Beauty?" I've only caught an episode here and there and even though Jessica can be grating (although I totally wish her bff Ken was my friend), I think it's a really interesting premise for a show. I especially liked the episode where Jessica and crew visit a fattening hut in Uganda. It's there that they meet women in the Hima tribe who subscribe to the belief that women are more attractive the larger they are.

Isn't that wild? I think it's so interesting to learn about the values and beliefs in different cultures. It's easy to forget that the backasswards (did I say that?) standards we hold women to in this country are not necessarily the norm around the world.

As some of you know, I was lucky enough to spend four months in Namibia and South Africa when I was in college. It was, hands down, the most rewarding and transformative experience of my life. While there, I got to spend some time living in a rural village with the Herero people. These amazing people are farmers who measure their wealth in cattle. The role of cattle is of such importance that the women's dress is inspired by the animal. The photo above is of a friend and me in traditional Herero garb. Check out the hat. It's meant to resemble the horns of a cow.

Even in the heat of the African desert, the women wear these heavy dresses over multiple petticoats. Let me tell you, it was crazy hot. (Oh, and don't even get me started on the bugs that would hide out on top of those hats.) There you have it, though. The price of beauty.

Isn't the world an infinitely interesting place?

And on a completely unrelated (but still beautiful) note, did you watch the new trailer for SATC 2? The return of Aidan, people. I'm dying. If you're a fan, and I know you are, be sure to check it out. Oh, and have the happiest of weekends!


  1. It is amazing to think about different cultures and how they consider different styles appropriate... how do they not DIE from heat exhaustion is beyond me! I love that you went there and were able to have such an amazing experience... one of the many reasons i love you sooo! Can't wait for SATC!!!!!

  2. Hey lady! I also just caught the SATC trailer and I am still screaming about it. I think my hubby is slightly annoyed.

    I just started watching "The Price of Beauty" and I actually really love it, despite Jessica. I saw the Paris and Tibet episodes and was so moved by the stories!

  3. I LOVE Jessica's new show! I think it's such a great idea. And look at you! You had the idea FIRST, let's just go with that.

  4. I have been wanting to catch The Price of Beauty. It looks like a pretty good show. What a great experience you had while in Africa. So rewarding.


  5. Love Kings.

    I don't love Jess Simpson, but the show has a good point!

    Have a lovely weekend! :)

  6. This is a very interesting post :)
    I'd like to add that I see a lot of Koreans who have migrated in my country in jackets even if it's summer. To each his own.

  7. Ahhh your time in Africa reminds me so much of my time in the Philippines. Love.


  8. It's been a really weird week for me too. So much catching up to do. I hope all is well with you.

  9. I think everyone should have that experience of being in a completely different culture. Beauty totally is relative, which just goes to show every single one of us is gorgeous and worthy to be celebrated.

    It's also interesting how in every country women suffer in order to meet the standards of attractiveness within their culture. Speaking of which, what is Samantha wearing in that trailer?! I'm of course speaking of that red dress with death shoulder pads, of course. :) Can't wait for the movie!

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