The Return of Mary Poppins...
and other little updates.

Monday, April 19, 2010

I don't know if you know this, but I worked as a nanny - for several fabulous families and only one super crazy one - for over ten years. First, it just seemed like a fun thing to do while in college, but once I graduated with my handy dandy Liberal Arts degree, I found myself wondering exactly what to do with said degree. Anybody with me? Anybody? So, I kept at it because a) I was really good at it, b) I loved it and - let's just be honest - c) the money was better than what I could have made with my degree.

So, after all those years, I have had my hand in helping raise right around fourteen kids. I'm like the octomom without the mom part. Oh, and the thing about me is that once I've nannied for your family, you aren't likely getting rid of me. It's true and, yes, it might sound a little Hand that Rocks the Cradle. You see, I just don't believe in letting little people down and leaving them to wonder where that kooky nanny who invented dinner dancing went. Lucky for me, all the families I've worked for (with the exception of the aforementioned crazy folks) have become like family to me and, let me tell you, I take family very seriously.

Then I up and moved from Seattle to Vegas with my new, sparkly MA in Psychology. Shortly thereafter, I got my first official job in the glamorous mental health field. I thought I had finally kicked my nanny habit once and for all. Then I met this little girl...

Yep, my first official day back as Mary Poppins was today. It's just a part-time side job, but I gotta tell you... This little girl melts my heart and when I'm hanging out with her, I feel a part of myself that I thought I had left behind in Washington.

In other news...

- My family was supposed to come back from Ireland this last Saturday, but then a crazy little volcano erupted in Iceland and all air traffic control hell broke loose. At the earliest, it looks like they'll return a week from today. Stranded in Dublin doesn't sound so bad, but I have to tell you that I really miss talking to them on the phone whenever I want (which is pretty much all the time). I guess even my mother, a woman I have never seen drink a beer in my life, has turned to Guinness.

- Remember when I was working out consistently earlier this year? Honestly, neither do I. I fell off the wagon... and into a giant bin of Cheetos. Well, I decided that enough was enough and called these people. I start on Saturday working out with one of their trainers four days a week. (I'm pretty sure a blog post will have to come out of this if for no other reason than because they want their clients to get a professional "before" photo in a bikini. Needless to say, that one won't be showing up on the ol' blog.)

- I have been diagnosed with a very serious case of puppy fever. At this point, the only known cure is... a puppy. Sorry, Jenner, but it's for my health.

- My best friend just came out with her very own amazing, gorgeous, kick-ass line of cards. You have to check them out here.

- Last, but not least, I want this dress. Oh, and all the other ones at ModCloth, but girlfriend's on a budget.

Happy Monday, friends! Hope to see you here tomorrow for our weekly dose of pop culture. Xoxo!


  1. ah yes... the liberal arts degree. such is why i am currently in grad school. also, i am getting a personal trainer as soon as this semester is over too! good luck!

  2. You as Mary Poppins = classic! I love it! Your new little friend is adorable times twelve!

    I hope your family enjoys their extended stay in Ireland - uber jealous!

  3. snaps to you for having the patience for child care... I'm terrified of midgets... i mean children.

    she's adorable.

  4. Congrats on the Mary Poppins jobs..that little girl is too cute...
    by the way check out my blog for a giveaway!!

  5. That first picture of you is priceless and precious.
    That's really great that you're working again with ones you love. Whatever the job - gotta love it right?

  6. First off, that picture keeeeels me.

    Secondly, I want that child.

    Thirdly, I'm thinking of going to Bloggers In Sin City. Are you?!! I mean, it would only make sense... :)

  7. That picture is way awesome. I graduated with a lovely BS (ha) degree in Human Services. Tell me where that's gonna go....I've been putting off my Master's application process's just overwhelming. I should have went to med school. Or one of those little 2 year programs to be a dental hygienist or something. Human Services is definitely not lettin' me roll in the g's. Brittan-i'm about to start a blog about being poor. No, really. :)

  8. I may have to get back into the nanny business myself...poor journalism degree may not make it.

  9. OH kathleen! I hope that your family get back safe, and that they are all alright! Its gotta be hard being stuck somewhere away from home!

    OOh! You Nanny!? I am looking to come to america to nanny next year! I would love love love to talk to you about it sometime. Yes I would!

  10. i bet you make one hell of a nanny!!!! and your latest little subject is sure cute! i bet she is already crazy for you.

    now get that dress. do it. :)

  11. uh yeah. i'm so obsessed with modcloth!

  12. that baby is adorable! i want to have babies so you can be their nanny :)

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