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{Saying goodbye to LOST.}

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sunday night was a big night. A fond farewell to a good friend. Yes, I'm talking about LOST. Don't worry, for those of you that are still catching up via DVDs, there will be no spoilers here. Back when I was on your team (the non-caught up, please don't you dare talk about the current season team), I had one too many spoilers revealed via the blogosphere and wouldn't do that to you.

What I will say here is that saying goodbye to a beloved show is hard. It actually hurts, doesn't it? Now, I didn't hop on the LOST wagon until last year. Sure, I caught the first episode when it aired, but I didn't want to watch a show about, ... wait for it, dinosaurs. Hmmph, imagine my embarrassment now. To be honest, and this is no less embarrassing, I just didn't want to watch a show that I had to think that hard in. For the record, however, I was in graduate school at the time and just couldn't spare the extra mental energy. So, when all of my family got together to have LOST parties, I opted out. (Honestly, what was I thinking?!) However, I did have the good sense to not let people talk about the show in front of me. I was reserving the right to watch it later... when I was ready.

Then last spring, I got a bad case of the flu and decided to give it a go. I think I knocked out the first three seasons in a couple of weeks. I was hooked. And why wouldn't I be? LOST was brought to me by the same man who brought me one of my favorite shows ever, Felicity. And even though there were plane crashes and polar bears and smoke monsters and dead people inhabited by smoke monsters, like Felicity, LOST was about relationships. The relationship we have to other people and to ourselves.

Sunday night, Jenner and I cuddled up at his Mom's house to say goodbye. Like most all of the episodes that preceded it, the finale left me with questions. Maybe that's what was so great, and so different, about the show... There are no clear answers. Everyone is good and bad. The ending, like the show, is left to interpretation.

Love. Hate. Good. Bad. Right. Wrong. Life. Death. Science. Faith.

What I loved most about LOST is that in its very best moments, it made you feel closer to your own humanity. Oh, and that it brought me one of my favorite (and, by god, best acted) characters of all time, John Locke.

Right along with Sex and the City and Six Feet Under, LOST will forever be one of my favorite shows. It just may have been the show of the decade and I'm so glad I was wise enough to tune in before it was too late.

In the end, I think we're all stranded and searching for a way to get home. If for no other reason, this show will never be forgotten. As Jenner said as the credits rolled, "I watched all six seasons of LOST and didn't lose a thing."


  1. I know exactly how you feel! I just said good-bye to Jack Bauer and "24" :( I cannot believe I have never seen an eppy of "Lost" - perhaps I need to check it out. I've heard a few people think that the ending of Lost was eerily similar to "Six Feet Under" - do you agree??? Because that ending WRECKED me!

  2. "I think we're all stranded and I think we're all searching for a way to get home."
    BRILLIANT line. Completely agree.
    I don't understand why some people hated the ending. Yes, some things were still unanswered, but we still had closure, and life doesn't always give you all the answers!
    If Terry O'Quinn doesn't win an Emmy, I'll be pissed.

  3. saying goodbye to Lost was very hard, It was definitely a sad night.

  4. I was a weepy baby through the whole night.

    I really like your thoughts. I had a hard time articulating what I thought about it, but you pretty much nailed it. And I agree with Nicole, that line you used is BRILLIANT.